Katy and Chris | Memorial Day Proposal in Atlanta

How we met: Chris and I met as teenagers since we attended the same Catholic high school, however we didn’t begin dating until our senior year. Chris was the goalie for the varsity soccer team, and my friends and I would attend their games throughout the season. Chris noticed my dedication to the sport and asked me to the Homecoming dance, and we hit it off! Chris and I attended different colleges (in separate states, and about 90 minutes apart) and both studied abroad at different times in our college careers, but made it through (with a lot of weekend visits in-between)! We graduated from college in the spring of 2013, and I moved to Minneapolis, where Chris works for Target Headquarters, so we were able to finally end our long-distance relationship!

Memorial Day Proposal in Atlanta

how they asked: Chris and I now both live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but my family lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Chris knew I always loved the South and wanted a big southern wedding, so he planned for the proposal to take place in Atlanta. After he asked my parents for permission, planning mode kicked in! He proposed to me at the Swan House, an historical estate in Atlanta over Memorial Day weekend when we were visiting my parents. Chris also arranged for a professional photographer to be present at the proposal, so we could have the feelings of surprise and joy captured forever! After popping the question, Chris took me to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Buckhead where all of my family and all of his family were waiting for us! Chris’s family flew in from all corners- Wisconsin and Florida- to be with us to celebrate our engagement. The champagne was flowing late into the night as we called our relatives and friends to share the good news. It was a truly stunning proposal, and I count myself so fortunate to have a fiancé who spent so much time and energy on this process!

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Photos courtesy of KVC Photography