Memie and Aaron

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How We Met

Aaron and I have known each other since we were 3 years old. We went to the same school in Aurora, IL up until 6th grade.

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At that time his family moved to Wisconsin; we lost contact until we were 17. We reconnected and dated, but being young and being a state away was difficult for us. He was in Wisconsin, I went to school in Iowa; we broke up eventually and lost contact again. However, a few years can change a person, we reconnected again when we were 21.

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I found him on Facebook and invited him to my college graduation party at my parent’s house back in Aurora, IL. He replied YES on the invite and came to the party. He walked into the house and every feeling we had for each other back in the day came rushing through. After the party, we went on a couple more dates while he was in town and I went out to Wisconsin to visit as well. We attempted to make this work the second time around. A few months later, we decided to get an apartment together in Iowa and start building a life. Since then we have been through everything that you could think of: Laughter, Fights, Development, Change and Love. We currently are homeowners in Iowa, developing our careers and have 2 wonderful and crazy dogs.

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how they asked

I had no idea I was even going on this vacation with my best friends and the love of my life. I thought for around 5 months that we were going to South Carolina for vacation, but the day of Aaron surprised me with a trip to Jamaica!

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I went on a spa trip with Samantha the following day of arriving to the Sandals resort and felt so relaxed with a nice massage and facial. I got back with her to our villa and Aaron told me to get all dolled up and dress fancy. So I did and put on my cute yellow dress that he said was his favorite. Before this day when we got here on Sunday, I did tell him that a private candlelight dinner would be so much fun! So what did he do? He scheduled our own dinner in our own balcony overlooking the ocean! But, little did I know that he had this planned over 9 months ago. The location of our private candlelight dinner wasn’t like any other dinners available at the resort. Aaron went completely above and beyond to make this perfect. We were the first ones to actually use the Balcony above the ocean for our dinner.

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It was just PERFECT. He played it off like it was just another dinner because he was making jokes and just making sure I was having a great time. Before our dinner started we had our own photographer taking pictures of us and I thought it was just the norm for every dinner since I saw photographers throughout the whole resort taking pictures of everyone to purchase. So, I continued to just have fun and did not think anything of it. It was a 4 course meal with own server the whole dinner, she was a wonderful server. Then right before dessert he told me to wait and he got up and walked towards me with the photographer taking pictures and then gave the best proposal.

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I couldn’t even contain myself. I was bawling like a baby, after he bent down on one knee and told me that after all this time he couldn’t imagine life without me in it. After I said yes and stood up to kiss him; the whole restaurant that was off to the side of our Balcony started screaming and cheering for us. It was an amazing night; it was like a dream.

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