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How We Met

it was the summer of 2014 that me and Eric officially met. Eric and i grew up in a suburb of Houston called Kingwood Texas. we both graduated high school from king wood high in 2011. little did i know 6 years later he would be the one getting down on one knee to ask me to spend eternity with! i knew who Eric was in high school but we didn’t hangout with the same crowd. its funny because we had some of the same friends but never crossed paths. i liked to stay out of trouble & he definitely was a trouble maker back then (; hints why we didn’t cross okay now back to 2014. i was living in Houston and working in a salon downtown & that summer all my friends were home from college. one of my best friends was still dating her high school boyfriend, at the time, who actually was Erics college roommate for a year. so we were all connected somehow. there were a couple times that summer were it had been us 4 hanging out in the same place but it wasn’t till the end of summer that i actually got connected with Eric. My close friend from work was having a 80s themed party a cross town and i had invited Ashlea and her boyfriend to come along and they dragged Eric along with them as well. the whole night Ashlea was trying to hook me up with Eric but i wasn’t really feeling it.

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But as they left the party i decided to give Eric a kiss on the cheek…which is so out of my charter but i guess you could say that was the start of something wonderful! a few days pass and the same group of friends are all going to Shakespeare at the park. i remember arriving there and my friends coming to get me and teasing me from the other night and telling me how Eric was here again tonight. at first we weren’t sitting next to each other at the play but there was a time in the night that he had went to the restroom so i told Ashlea to make room & to text him so that when he comes back he will sit by me. i felt like i was a teenage girl again haha but that night was super fun and i was able to get to know Eric more. i remember as summer was coming to an end and as we were hanging out more and more i just kept thinking to myself we are both so awkward and nothing was breaking the ice between us. at this point we still didn’t have each others numbers, i was about to leave for vacation and by the time i got back he was back at school 2 in half hours away. so i really saw nothing of it. but i was still so giddy about him and every time we hung out we had a great time! he was just so fun to be around.

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the night before i left on vacations we were hanging out at a friends house and he walked to me to car…FINALLY asking me for my number! that night on, i don’t think there has been a day where we haven’t talked. while i was on my vacation he had invited me to a music festival in San Marcos Texas, where he was going to school, and it was going to be the weekend after i got back into town. i was super nervous because i still didn’t know him all that will and who wouldn’t be nervous driving 2 hours away to visit a guy you have never hangout alone with! lol but i really wanted to go because not only did the music festival sound fun but i was really interested in Eric at this point and had a huge crush on him! i begged my friend from work to come with me so i didnt have to go alone! that weekend was one of my favorite weekends and ever since then we started making weekend trips back n forth from Houston and San Marcos to see each other. i am forever grateful for my friends who helped me and Erics relationship form because without them i wouldn’t have met the man of my dreams. through out all of this when i would tell people that i was seeing Eric i got the same response from everyone “he is the most sweetest guy ever” there is not a day that has gone by these last 3 years were that statement hasn’t spoke for its self.

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how they asked

April 1st 2017! BEST DAY EVER! actually night ever(: its pretty funny he decided to pick April fools day to pop the question considering that for awhile any time we would ask someone to take a picture of us he would get down on one knee and id never fall for it but told him that he is getting himself into trouble because when he really asks me I’m not going to believe him. lol luckily in his case i totally believed him this time, even being on April fools day! rewind to a week later when Eric told me that he wanted to go to dinner next weekend because he had a gift card he needed to use before it expired.

being a girl and knowing that this day could come any day now i over thought everything. one being why the heck is he planning a week in advanced to go on a date, he never does that! earlier in that week i texted my friend telling her we needed to go shopping just in case!! i was kinda freaking out. the week went on and i literally couldn’t sleep every night that week and the days were sooooo long! finally Saturday came. i worked that day and when i got home i hurried and got ready for dinner! he took me to a restaurant here in Houston called brenners on the bayou. this restaurant has a really cool outside sitting area and a huge green lawn out back with pretty scenery. so in my mind i was thinking he would take me out there in one of the gazebos they have and pop the question there. but when we got to the restaurant and we sat down at the table and nothing was happening i quickly realized, nope not happening i was wrong.

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i also got a text from my dad once we got to the restaurant asking what we had plans for the night bc that night was actually the week before lds general conference so they had the broadcast for all the men in our church on and he was wondering if Eric had someone to watch it with. and that also made me think yeah not happening tonight because my dad would totally know what we (Eric) had going on that night. the night went on and we had a really nice dinner together. there is a park not far from the restaurant called buffalo bayou park, he had told me that his company made something for a bridge over at the park and asked if i wanted to go see it. at this point the whole him proposing to me was completely out of my mind.

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plus we go to this park together often AND his company has made things for the park before so nothing about it was weird. we drove over to the park and start walking towards the bridge. he takes me to one of the bridges that has a very pretty view of the Houston skyline. as we were walking on the bridge i asked him where this thing was his company made and then i look at him and he starts to cry….I’m like why the heck are you crying! looking forward again as we approach the middle of the bridge i see rose petals and lights everywhere! and then i start crying and in my head thinking..OH MY GOSH this is happening, this is no joke.

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he takes my hands in his and holding back a lot of tears or at least trying to hold them back he tells me the sweetest things and how much he loves me and then BAM down on one knee he went (: i soon realize that we aren’t alone and we have a fan group of paparazzi.

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out pops my whole family and his mom and step dad! even my family members who weren’t living in Houston at the time came in for the weekend just to be there for us! it defiantly was no April fools joke here! it was so special and i will forever cherish this moment!

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