Melynda and Madison

How We Met

We met at a college party. Madison came up to me and asked me to do a beer bong (classy), I said yes and the rest is history.

How They Asked

Last year, Madison asked me one simple question… well, he thought it was simple. “If you could choose anywhere in the world to go where would you go?” I promptly answered Greece, no wait, Italy, no wait Croatia. How could I pick JUST one!? After a lot of thought, we decided to travel to Greece. Once the destination was determined Madison did not waste any time.

The next thing I knew I walked in the door from work and was greeted with the news that we were heading to Mykonos, Greece in September. Flash forward to September and we were en route to the airport. Madison’s family must have called about 500 times during that 3-hour drive to Newark Airport. They were EXTREMELY concerned that Madison may have forgotten his brand new shoes he had bought for the trip (turns out shoes was code for the ring). To end the suspense, he didn’t forget the ring…I mean shoes & I didn’t catch on. We flew through the night, the flight was long & contrary to what I thought would happen I did not sleep at all.

We landed in Athens without a hitch, but we still had to catch one more short flight to get to Mykonos. We got a little cocky and thought “Wow this traveling thing is such a breeze”… until we missed our flight to Mykonos LOL. The next hour or so was spent sprinting through the airport to the nearest customer service desk, which might I add was not easy in a foreign country where no one speaks your language. We just knew we had no choice. We absolutely had to catch another flight to Mykonos that night. As it turns out there was only one more flight left for the day because at this point it was 8pm Greece time. We were able to hop on just in time. The plane was small & when I say small I mean SMALL. We had to check our carry on bags because there was no room for luggage in the cabins. At this point, Madison had to have been freaking out because he had hidden the ring in his carry on. Meanwhile, I’m completely distracted, crying because the plane was so small I was convinced it was going to crash into the Aegean Sea. An hour later, we finally made it to Mykonos, unfortunately, not without our suitcases getting lost (luckily not the one with the ring…phew). However, our hotel was absolutely AMAZING, tracked our luggage down, sent someone to pick it up from the airport and delivered it to us in less than 24 hours. S/O to Petasos Beach Resort.

By now days had passed & we were enjoying our time exploring the island. We traveled to all the touristy spots, walked through the town of Mykonos & even rented an ATV to explore the island. We had so much fun the night before the proposal I was a little hungover. I didn’t feel well all day so Madison told me to go to the room and take a nap. When I woke up it was time to get ready for dinner. I hopped out of bed & put on our typical “going out” playlist filled with all of our favorite jams. I’m now well rested, feeling a lot less hungover & dancing around the room singing (screaming) the lyrics to Lizzo’s, Truth Hurts soundtrack. I stopped to talk to Madison & realized he was nowhere to be found. It turns out he was in the bathroom being extra lame, brushing his hair with great intent and ironing his clothes so much I thought he was going to burn a hole in them. Once he was finished ironing his clothes for the thousandth time we headed out to dinner.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mykonos, Greece

We arrived early and sat at the bar for a drink before our table was ready. Madison was postponing our reservations to ensure we were going to be sitting at our table right at sunset (He is the cutest). I took one sip of my wine and woops, accidentally spilled a little bit right in the center of my dress. I turned to Madison who at this point had his hands in his face shaking his head…(if you know me you know this is typical Mel). I instantly ran to the bathroom & by some miracle, the stain came right out. When I got back to the bar we were immediately escorted to our table which of course had the most perfect sunset view. We ordered some appetizers & then Madison excused himself from the table to use the restroom.

I sat back, drank my new full glass of wine while soaking in the sunset and Grecian music playing in the background. The music suddenly cut out and “Grow Old” by Florida Georgia Line began to play. That is OUR song. I turned around so fast because at that point I just knew this was it. I saw Madison walking down the stairs heading back to our table. He approached and asked me to join him for a dance. After the song ended he got down on one knee and proposed to me with the cutest speech & tears rolling down his face. It was nothing short of romantic. I was so speechless I forgot to even say yes. The proposal was followed by a waiter who greeted us with two dozen red roses and a champagne toast, all while the sun was melting into the sea at one of the best sunset views in town.

Melynda and Madison's Engagement in Mykonos, Greece

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mykonos, Greece

Our trip to Mykonos was one of the most magical trips I have ever taken and Greece will forever hold a tiny piece of my heart.