Melony and Seth

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How We Met

Seth and I met through mutual friends. We were actually going out for my 26th birthday, and Seth was invited along by our friend PJ. We went to the stone brewery in San Diego. Honestly, at first I was a little stand offish when i met him. Only because it need up only being four of us, and I felt a little paired up like a double date and I didn’t even know this guy. My friend walked around the brewery with PJ and they said they were going to buy some T-shirt’s. So here I Am stuck with a guy I knew nothing about at a romantic can candel lit outdoor dinner. I was like oh boy, we’ll I guess I should talk to him. So, we started talking you know the basic stuff, school, work and family. The way he talked about his family was so attractive to me, he was so genuine and sweet. He was funny, smart and kind. After that trip we continued talking went out on another date or two and that was it I was totally hooked on this guy. He was amazing.

how they asked

Okay so fast forward two and a half years later, we are more in love than ever. We talk about the future, kids and being married all the time. We love to travel and we are planning a road trip to Sedona AZ and then to Albuquerque NM. The day finally comes see the Lower Antelope canyon (which by the way is worth everything you ever heard about it, it’s stunning to say the least) we get into our group of about 15 people and started heading down into the canyon. The orange, red swirls of the rocks and the light casting through down to the sand was beatutiul, dream like. There were a lot of people but we took pictures along the Way and where we could. There was a perfect picture spot with the light casing throughout this one large open area within the canyon. The tour guide knew it was a great Picture spot and offeredto take everyones picture in that spot. We waited in line and my boyfriend haded the guide camera and walked over to pose with me. He looked at me and said, “ Melony you know I love you very much..” I was like, “ yes love I know but let’s hurry and take this picture people are waiting honey” then he reached for his pocket and i knew , “omg, really” then the tears came… he said, “ I love you so much and I love your family, I can’t I’m imagine my life without you, will you marry me?” He was on one knee.

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At this point I don’t even know if I said yes when he asked me to marry him, I was just shaking my head with tears of happiness.

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