Melonie and Corey

Image 1 of Melonie and Corey

How We Met

I met him through a mutual friend on Facebook in 2013. The same mutual friend brought him to my office to meet me one day. The rest is history!

How They Asked

The day before the Covid-19 curfew in Jamaica he asked me to go for our last sunset walk on the beach until we’ll be able to see each other again. We’re always chasing sunsets, so I thought nothing of it. Until he kept asking me about our future and our prospects. When I turned around he was on his knees at the waters edge asking me to be his wife. We met almost a decade ago and fell in love…it was short lived. However, we remained great friends and often joked that if we reached thirty and were single, we’d marry each other. He just turned 31….and here we are!

Image 2 of Melonie and Corey