Melody and Michael

How We Met: We met taking the A train in NYC during a summer internship in 2006. I noticed her the whole summer and use to tell my brother about a beautiful girl I see daily on the train in the morning and I will have the guts to talk to her soon. A week before my internship was ending I approached her and we had a great conversation during our ride. But she did not give me her number because she said I was a stranger and that if we was to see each other again then she would give me her number. Just so happens on my way home that afternoon her and her friend gets on the same train and she says Hi Michael! and with my luck in NYC the train suddenly gets overly crowded and we are not close enough to have a personal conversation and exchange numbers. I end up not seeing her anymore the rest of the week lol. With her still on my mind I search Facebook from the facts gathered through our 1 conversation: Name and school. I suddenly find her on Facebook and she just happens to be mutual friends with a childhood friend of mine which is how I started off the message with her so I won’t look like I was desperate to find her. she replies back and says she is a woman of her word and gives me her number to call :-)

how they asked: We were in Playa del Carmen, Mexico celebrating my 30th birthday. I set up a lovely dinner at the beach.

She introduced the lovely and devious idea to have the waiter take a picture of me assimilating that I am proposing to her! But little does she know that was the plan all along.

She wanted to send the still picture to our family and close friends and punk them but she got punked!

Little did she know that I was actually going to be asking her to marry me! What a surprise proposal it was!