Melody and Jason

how we met

“I was a journalist living in a tiny studio in Manhattan (think Sex and the City but in Squalor and certainly no fancy shoes)! One day in February 2016, I got a tweet from someone who saw an interview I had done..I occasionally got the creepy note but this dude seemed different. I did a little stalking and found he was a really smart and handsome Korean guy who founded his own media company! After a couple months of sharing sporadic public niceties on Twitter, I got a DM Memorial Day weekend while I happened to be in Chicago visiting a few friends. Jason, who I found out lived in LA, sent me a note saying he would be in town for a wedding and asked if I wanted to meet up for a coffee. After exchanging numbers we realized the only window of overlap we would have was late night drinks on Memorial Day before his 7 am flight back to LA the next day. We had a magical night in NYC, closing out one bar then another and ended up in Central Park with Twizzlers and cider. Even though the connection was undeniable, I was not willing to commit to a long distance relationship after one magical night. But Jason continued to find reasons to come to NY (“business meetings”) and we would always have the most inspiring and interesting conversations while also having bucket loads of fun. Finally in August, I said, “hey let’s date!!”.. after three years of long distance, I made the move to California and the rest is history!

how they asked

It was amazing, upon parking our car we strolled the coast at Sunset Cliffs. We made plans for dinner in San Diego from LA and made a stop along the beach. Once we got to a cliff with an entire view of the ocean there was a blanket was candles. After he proposed we turned around and our photographer and videographer waved at us along with two of Jasons employees who were also filming the entire proposal, I had no idea they were there.

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