Melody and Jamie

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How We Met

For the Love of the Game- It all started one Saturday afternoon in late July at a charity softball tournament where coincidentally both Jamie and Melody spent a large majority of their time. Softball had become an outlet for them both to take their minds off of their broken pasts and inability to find that special someone. Jamie can remember that day vividly and the precise moment that his infatuation for Melody came rushing to the surface. Jamie had just finished playing a few games of cornhole and enjoying a few cold adult beverages and decided to go watch his friends play the game before his. At that precise moment one of his close friends, a mutual friend of Melody’s they later found out, hit a line drive to right field and some girl made the most amazing diving catch he had ever witnessed. After asking every ballplayer at the park who this girl was that made this amazing play Jamie found out her name was Melody. Immediately after the game, Jamie went out of his way to compliment Melody on her outstanding effort with hopes of catching her eye. Unfortunately, the love story then went a bit cold for a few months despite seeing each other several times, mostly competing against each other and a few quick conversations. During this time, Jamie had done some “PI” work, aka stalking, only to learn that Melody was 13 years younger than him and would most likely not be interested in an old bald dude with 3 kids. Just when Jamie began to believe him and Melody weren’t meant to be, Melody randomly messaged him on Facebook after a softball tournament complimenting him on his play which led to countless hours of texting and getting to know each other. Both Melody and Jamie couldn’t get enough of each other and were overwhelmed at how much they had in common. It was obvious both Jamie and Melody had trust issues, regretful pasts, and insecurities which led them both to be a bit hesitant to commit but nevertheless Jamie was able to convince Melody to give the old bald dude one date which was all he needed. The following week Jamie nervously showed up to pick up Melody for their first night out. Jamie sat impatiently in the car wondering what Melody was going to be wearing. Softball clothes? Jeans and flip-flops? A moo-moo? Despite all of his doubts here comes Melody, looking as beautiful as Jamie had ever imagined, running full speed down the steps straight to her car. Completely perplexed, Jamie stared at Melody while she “secretly” put on her deodorant she had forgotten in her car. Melody then proceeded to run over to the car, trip on the running boards of the car and break the side of her shoe. As if this wasn’t enough, Melody then started fanning her underarms to avoid sweating, all while agonizing over her wardrobe malfunction. The grand entrance and first impression kept them laughing the rest of that amazing night where they both ultimately realized giving love another chance could be worth the risk. One week later Jamie asked Melody to be his Girlfriend! Over the next few months, Jamie and Melody fell deeply in love extremely fast despite the age difference and lack of support from those who didn’t approve for whatever reasons. Both Jamie and Melody had introduced one another to their families and absolutely fell in love with them. They began to realize they had a ton of mutual friends, unbelievable amount of commonalities, including both of them being die-hard Tar Heel fans and even family ties. Ironically enough, Melody’s father had coached Jamie when he was 12 years old and had stated that he remembered Jamie as a kid with long hair and a bad attitude. These days the long hair is long gone but the bad attitude still makes an appearance from time to time. All of these circumstances and the best six months of their lives left Jamie no choice but to face his fears and give love another chance much to the surprise of everyone who knew him. Jamie then went to talk to one of his best friends, Michael Kingoff, to find the perfect ring to take Melody off the market forever with intentions of living happily ever after with his newly found SOULMATE.

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how they asked

She fell in love with a new diamond- It was their anniversary and it was gorgeous outside. Jamie took Melody to Freddie’s, one of their favorite restaurants. Not only was Melody extremely excited to celebrate their anniversary but this was one of the first places they had first gone on a date together. Jamie’s parents had been building a beach house in Carolina Beach and Jamie mentioned before dinner he really wanted to go see how the house was progressing. He told Melody to remind him after dinner that they should stop by the beach house before they went home. After an amazing meal, Jamie asked Melody if she would like to go downtown to have a few drinks to celebrate their anniversary. She happily agreed while reminding him to stop by the beach house. Jamie pulled into his parents’ beach house and opened the car door. Melody gasped instantly noticing the perfectly placed tea lights that were lining each side of the staircase.

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At the top of the stairs, there was a bouquet that Melody had caught at the last wedding they had attended together. To the right, there was a sign that said: “You will Forever be my Always” which Melody had mentioned she adored one night at the Cracker Barrel and Jamie secretly went back to purchase for her. Melody turned to look in the living room and tea lights were arranged in the shape of a heart with a small stand that had the most beautiful pink roses she had ever seen and a tiny black box.

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Jamie walked to the middle of the heart and grabbed Melody’s hand and started to kneel. Melody looked over her shoulder to see Jamie’s 3 kids (Carly, Heath, and Hayden) giggling and taking pictures. About this time Melody started to cry. Jamie looked at Melody and said “I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but one mistake I won’t make is ever losing you. Will you marry me? Actually, will you marry us?” as he pointed to the kids. He slowly opened the box and Melody screamed “holy s***!” Jamie smiled and Melody screamed “Oh my god yes!” and they both jumped up and hugged and kissed.

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Just when you think the fairytale is over… Jamie took Melody downtown to celebrate at a bar where they first had visited on their first date. As they walked in Melody screamed because Jamie had invited Melody’s two best friends, Christa and Jessalin, who also did not live in town, to surprise her and celebrate the night away. Jamie had reserved a special private booth for everyone to catch up and celebrate their special night in style. The bar owner, a mutual friend, graciously supplied champagne and made it even more special by creating a personal sign saying “Congrats Jamie and Melody!” It is a night that neither one of them will ever forget and all because Jamie went out of his way to make it the most special experience Melody could have ever dreamed of.

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer
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 | Photographer
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 | Videographer