Mellana and Harry

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How We Met

Harry and I met Sophomore year at Temple University in Philadelphia. We were both Sport Management majors and had a weekly research class together. In our syllabus, it clearly outlined that this one paper was worth 40% of our grade and if you are a minute late to class you get an automatic zero.

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The day the paper was due, Harry and I were the only two students late to class, it was a class of roughly 40 students. After class we started to talk and strategize how we could convince our professor to not give us a zero, he didn’t budge. After that, we went our separate ways but as fate would have it, that weekend, Harry and I ran into each other at a Temple party. The rest is history, we have been together ever since then. 8 years to be exact!

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how they asked

Harry and I currently live in Jersey City but Harry is originally from Philly so we often go back, especially since his sister has a 3-year old who is our godson. March 10th was his dad’s 70th birthday so we decided to go to Philly for the weekend to celebrate. The plan was to grab dinner in the city with his family. Harry asked if I wanted to go into the city earlier and stop by Temple, I agreed. We took the train from his home to Temple. Once we got off we started to walk towards the Bell Tower which is the middle of campus and that’s where he proposed. I started to cry immediately and couldn’t stop. His proposal came on the heels of us celebrating 8 years together. It was only appropriate that he propose where we met, the Bell Tower is about a block from Speakman Hall, the location of our Sophomore Research class. Temple changed both of our lives in such a positive way so it was really such a special moment. Harry hired a photographer to capture the proposal.

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It’s funny because so many people have asked me what he said, but I can’t remember it’s like I froze at the moment. In hindsight, I should have known this was coming! Harry had been acting strange all week, overly excited about celebrating his dad’s birthday. He was also rushing me all morning which is so out of character for him because it’s usually me rushing him. Overall I am glad he was able to pull off the surprise and I am so excited to start planning for our wedding!

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Special Thanks

Tyler Boyle
 | Photographer