Meliza and Theo

How We Met

I met him in 2012 at company group’s training. At that time, we looked each other and he asked my name, company and also my phone number. So, he began to chat with me. Time passed, he didn’t contact me anymore.

In mid of 2013, my bestfriend Riza told me that she would introduce someone to me (she said that he is her boyfriend’s bestfriend). I’m a bit lazy, because i don’t know well who is he.

Continued in November 2013, i replace my facebook’s cover photos, then he chat me on facebook messenger and we talked again.

Our conversation continue until December 2013 and we decided to meet up. We met on Sunday, meanwhile on Monday my friend Riza tell me to accompany her to watch movie. I feel lil bit suspicious. Why? Because, there are another two persons. Riza’s boyfriend & his friend. So, guess who i met?

And yes, he is. The same person who i met at companygroup’s training, who chat with me before & who i met yesterday. After that, we started relationship on February 2014.Image 1 of Meliza and Theo

how they asked

On 15th of January 2016, i was so sick at home and at night he bring me quickly to the airport for some meeting reason in Bali. Everything goes as usual. I do not know what he did.

Early in the evening of 16th January 2016, he decided for finish the meeting & ask me to go to #karmabeachclub in South Bali. He exactly know, how i love beach, sunrise & sunset so much. And he did it at SUNSET too! He said that he let me take some refresh. He proposed me with his #diyproposalidea by the book purely made by himself.

So, here we are. Together by fate & forever by God’s grace. #ichatheo160116

Image 2 of Meliza and Theo

Image 3 of Meliza and Theo