Melissa and Carson's Proposal in Beaver Creek

How We Met: Carson and I first met through his brother in the summer of 2008 – but it took him nearly a year to make a move! One of our first dates was in July 2009 at a Coldplay concert, and we really hit it off from there. I was a headed off to my first year at Mizzou, while Carson was playing baseball at a university close to home. Throughout college, our relationship grew through our faith, support from family and many great times with friends at Mizzou – where he eventually transferred!

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how they asked: During our 6 years together, we often road-tripped to Colorado for skiing, hiking and visiting some of his family that lives in Denver. I suggested a last-minute trip for the Fourth of July, hoping to get some camping in over the long weekend. He went for it, and ended up surprising me by planning the perfect weekend in Vail. After a morning of horseback riding to the top of Bald Mountain, he suggested we head to Piney Lake – about an hour drive up a beautiful mountain road.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a picturesque spot – with the Gore Range reflecting on the water, it was perfect. We headed toward a secluded trail, and I annoyingly kept stopping him to snap photos. We eventually stopped at a quiet spot next to a tree, where he grabbed me for a kiss and then got down on one knee. I was awestruck. After the sweetest words, he pulled out the ring and I accidentally screamed “Carson, no!!” because I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the gold ring was (I would’ve said yes to a tungsten one, as long as it was from him!). He captured the entire proposal on video thanks to his GoPro camera propped in the tree. We celebrated with dinner and fireworks in Beaver Creek, before heading home to St. Louis to share the news with family and friends. The entire weekend felt like a dream – we are blessed!

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