Melissa and Zolt

How We Met

We met online and I actually messaged Melissa first, but just enough to say hi. Oddly enough, I wasn’t even in the country when I did. Truthfully she said that was what peaked her interest, the fact that I was 3000+km away. I happened to be traveling and that became a talking point, and it eventually just got to the point where we were continuously messaging each other, and I was thinking more about back home than my trip. Melissa was the one that actually asked me out. I think it got to the point that we were talking so much that she eventually asked, “are you going to ask me out or what?” If you know Melissa, she is very to the point. So I asked if she would like to have dinner and maybe we could see a movie. Oddly enough, that was really where things actually became memorable. We actually had a really nice dinner date and saw a movie. We both had a lot of fun, and on the drive back, I almost ran a red light because I was just a tad bit nervous a the time. I never actually got to kiss Melissa good night either, as she was so nervous she pretty much tucked and rolled out of the car before I could park it. Ultimately though, we did end up getting food poisoning, but in spite of that we did go on a second date and began spending most of our time off with each other.

how they asked

Well, that’s a little bit longer of a story actually. As you’re well aware, Melissa went back to school to do her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. We met when she was originally doing her Pre-Health program. Well, for the second half of her program she had to go down to Toronto to York University and was spending three to four days a week down in the city. I found during this time, that all that I could think about was her. I felt like the entire time she was down in Toronto I was counting the hours until she would be home, and when she was home I was as happy as could be.

I tried my best to alleviate any of the stress that she had in school. It’s certainly not a very easy program, and she was doing lots of studying, so even the time she was home she would be doing lots of homework. That didn’t really stop us from making the most of the time together. We went on nice long hikes, almost daily, and I even agreed to let her cats move in after they were staying at her sister’s house. I’m allergic naturally (and even after 4 months, I have adjusted rather well actually). Oddly enough, one of our favorite hikes to do is to walk through the trail and to end up at the nearby park and visit the ducks. I noticed, as the semester went by, that this was one of her favorite things to do. She just absolutely loved to feed the birds. Well, what would a loving boyfriend do? Buy a 70-pound bag of corn, naturally. I figured that way she could feed the birds to her heart’s content.

By that point, I had already toyed around with the idea of proposing. I had already spoken with her parents earlier to arrange a day in which I would take them out for dinner and ask for permission. But being the impatient person I am, I just couldn’t wait for the date. The right ring was picked out, and I was just counting the days, which just were not coming by fast enough. My plan originally was to ask Melissa on my birthday, because after all, what better present would someone want. But as each day past, I just found myself unable to wait. So I finally made the decision. Her parents were down in Florida and I was working a night shift. I messaged her parents to see if they would be free to have a video chat, and we called each other in the morning. I asked for permission over video chat after my shift was done, and couldn’t be more thrilled. It really was the perfect day. We were getting an early snowfall, with nice big snowflakes.

So, telling her that I had a bad shift and could really use a nice morning walk, I asked if she wanted to hike down to the park. Well, Melissa was completely unaware that I had actually hidden the ring box in the bottom of a container of corn. So we departed. We got down to feed the ducks, and I nervously handed her the container of corn. Joyfully, she pulled handfuls of corn out to feed the birds, ultimately getting to the bottom of the container. As she reached in her hands touched to silver ring box, at which point she exclaimed “what is this?” and “is this a Christmas ornament”. At that point, I opened the ring box, got down on one knee and said my heartfelt proposal (which, because she was crying from excitement, covering her eyes, she still denies I got on my knee and can’t recall what I said). In tears, she nodded yes, and kissed me.

And that was it. The best early Christmas present someone could ever hope for.

Special Thanks

Sophia Lemon