Melissa and William

How We Met

Will and I met 9 years ago on Long Beach Island and are high school sweethearts. I grew up going down every summer for the whole summer and Will was on vacation with friends for the week. We are ironically from the same hometown but never knew each other. His friends invited me over one night and the rest is history!

How They Asked

One unsuspecting Saturday night I was told the whole family was going out for a nice dinner. My 90-year-old Grandma was there and My Dad and Will needed to make sure the restaurant had handicap parking for her. Myself, My Mom and Grandma hung back and waited to hear from them.

We hopped in the car and my Mom started driving towards the bay. As we approached the bay beach I saw signs that said: “Private event taking place”. I looked up and saw Will standing under a gazebo with candles lining the walkway and lights strung outside the gazebo. The tears were instant.

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Special Thanks

Nick Centore
 | Photographer