Melissa and Wellington

How we met: One day junior year of high school, during lunch time my girlfriend and I were walking to our table after grabbing our food. As we carried our daily high school gossip of who is dating who she got distracted and points out a guy who seemed familiar to me and went on about how attractive he was. That’s when I realized that this familiar face was in one of my morning classes. The following day I decided to do some serious match making with my girlfriend and this guy she was so fond of. That’s the day I met Wellington Lemus. A goofy simple boy that always had a smile on his face. He humored me as I tragically tried to set him up with my friend. Days past and our friendship grew into an innocent crush. Being unavailable at the time all our interactions were about who had the highest class average and him listening to me go on about my relationship. Little did I know I had just friend zoned my future husband.

Fast forward senior year, short interactions in the hall and that would summarize our relationship. Until, mutual friends noticed our attraction to one another but lack of motivation to seek more. They took it upon themselves to create multiple group hangs to see if more was to come from Wellington and Melissa. One day, after school when hanging by the patio waiting for our mutual friend to come out for tutoring I had a small conversation with Wellington and found out that he had a passion for playing guitar, which I jokingly followed up with as if I had interpreted it for”guitar hero” the wii game. Wellington being the lay back guy he is just laughed it off and went his way. In after school tutoring our mutual friend decided to dare me contact Wellington and start a casual conversation. My first text to Wellington was “Hi guitar hero”, he not knowingly replied who is this and went on to the guessing game.

As my tutor session was getting close to an end for the day, our mutual friend decided to invite me to tag along to a youth service that was being held that same day at a high school near ours. I reluctantly agreed to go not knowing Wellington was unaware of my attendance. Our mutual friend decided to leave parts of information out from both ends. When we arrived the worship band was on staged and I realized that I knew one of the band members!

As we all made our way to the alter to participate in worship time, I found myself thinking out loud for my friends to hear “he will be mine”.

What I was clueless about was that I was testifying to a fact that would take place 3 months after youth service and 2 days after Wellington’s birthday.
Image 2 of Melissa and Wellington

how they asked: For my birthday, Wellington and I made plans to go to Austin for the weekend and due some outdoor activities (kayaking, hiking, biking, and rock climbing) and check out some local scenery. This was to be followed with a trip to the San Marcus outlets the following day and due some shopping for the bday present with the inlaws and end it all with dinner at the San antonio river walk. Well things don’t always go as they are planned…

The weekend began with an early road trip to Austin for two the day before my birthday (August 29th). As planned we spent the day kayaking and a walk through congress and stopped and ate at local mom and shops. It was a perfect day filled with everything I had always wanted to do and check out in town. When it came to dinner time red flags were coming left and right. Wellington on his phone constantly which was followed with “change of plans, the family dinner that was scheduled for tomorrow is moved up to today”. So we scrambled to find a place that would take a party of 9 in less than an hour. We landed at Taverna Austin. I noticed the whole family had their phones on them at all times ready for a Kodak moment. Dinner came and went and dessert was to follow with a birthday candle. As I made my wish I look up and saw confusion across the table. I could hear their thoughts, “where’s the ring?!” As we waiting for the bills to come, we stroke a conversation over visiting the capital after dinner for my in-laws first time. So, we all come out of the restaurant and prep for a stroll around the capital on pedicabs. We got off the pedicab to walk into the capital and I noticed Wellington’s palms getting sweaty as we kept getting closer and closer to the entrance. We take a couple of steps to enter the building and I hear “babe, look at this!” I turn around and look at the star Wellington was pointing and he hands me a card.

Image 3 of Melissa and Wellington

As I finished reading the card I felt my heart racing as I looked up all I could do was let out a shout. The man I had known for 7 years and dated for 5 was down on one knee and proceeded to ask the question… “Melissa, will you marry me?” All I could do was shake my head yes and continue to cover my face with the card and tears. He placed the ring on my finger and here’s to a journey of a lifetime with my best friend. Every year Wellington would ask me what would I like for my birthday and I would always respond jokingly “a ring”. So this year he made it his mission to make that comment come true. And may I say he exceeded my expectations for a proposal.

Image 1 of Melissa and Wellington