Melissa and Vino - Third Grade Sweethearts!

How We Met: It was 1992. I was a new student at school back in my hometown in Jakarta, Indonesia. He’s been going to that school since kindergarten. It was 3rd grade. Since I was the new kid, and everybody had already got their seat assigned, I had to sit in the very back of the class. Vino was sitting in front of me. Our first conversation might have, “Can I share the book with you, because I didn’t bring mine..?” We did share his book. But Vino was telling me to keep it to my self, but I insisted we could share it, because I don’t want him to miss what was going on. But we got yelled at by our teacher because we were making noise. Probably months later, our second conversation was in the playground, waiting for our ride home. At that time I was already making some friends. His mother decided to make children choir and asked me to join. So back in the playground, when it was only the two of us left, I came up to him and started the conversation (again), “So when’s our next practice gonna be?” And he looked at me, and left without saying anything. I thought he was still mad at me since I got us both yelled at by the teacher.

how they asked: After our first initial breakup when we dated in High School, we spent three years avoiding each other. We finally decided to be friends again not too long after we called a truce. We suddenly found ourselves in the arms of each other again. The feeling of comfort and familiarity of a best friend made us closer. I found out that he liked me ever since the very first day he saw me back in third grade. When we shared his book together, he couldn’t focus because I was sitting very close to him. That day in the playground he was so nervous and didn’t know that to say to me, he decided to leave with out a word. Those days in Junior High, he decided not to pursue me, because he always thought that I liked older men who owns and drives a car, and he felt that he was still a little boy!

We were kind of in a long-distance relationship. He lived 3 hours away from where I lived. A week after his birthday in 2011, he invited my parents, my brother, and my grandma for a dinner. Everybody thought it was for his birthday celebration. While we were waiting for our food to come, he spoke and said to my dad that he’s known me for so long, he loves me, and wants to marry me. My dad gave us his blessings. My mom’s reaction:”FINALLY!!!” And Vino had to add a discretion if I agree to all of these.

A week before my birthday (our birthday is a month apart) after a day of spending it with me, he decided to come over my house. He found out that he won’t be able to see me on my birthday. He gave me a tight hug. Suddenly he rushed to his bag and was digging for something. He went down on both knees. It’s all a blur to me now. He said something about not to look for the size of it, he loves me, and he can’t live without me, and finally, “Will you marry me???” With tears running down my cheeks I could only nod and said a choked “yes!”

Photos by A Sight of Love