Melissa and Tyler's Vineyard Proposal

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how we met

We met on the first day of school in 11th grade. Melissa walked into class 5 minutes late with her uniform shirt untucked from her pleated skit and was able to get out of it by flashing the teacher her sweet smile. Tyler used her tardiness as an excuse to start up a conversation by making fun of her for disrupting the beginning of class, she laughed, and he has made her happy every day since.

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Cliché movie scenario aside, we were smitten. It has been 11 years of love, of laughs, and of learning all the good and maybe not-so-good things about each other and cherishing every moment. We have known we would get married since we were 17 but we relished in our youth as we grew into the adults we are today and could not be more excited to (“finally” as all our friends and family would say) take this next step.

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how they asked

Our love story is long, but I will keep the proposal story short. We were two days into an incredibly fun trip to Napa Valley, and to my surprise Tyler had spent months planning to make 10/30/15 the best day of my life. We arrived at Kuleto Estate Vineyard, and I noticed there was no one around. But we were there early and I thought, “Wow we have the whole place to ourselves!”

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As our tour guide greeted us, she casually pointed and said, “That is Janna from Napa Life Magazine, she is here to photograph the vineyard for her magazine, do you mind if she joins us?” I said of course I didn’t, as long as I wasn’t in the pictures, I was not photo-ready! The tour was fun, and seemed normal until we reached the most amazing peak overlooking the entire valley, and Tyler reached for my hands.

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After 3,961 days of loving each other, I was going to get to make my favorite person in the entire world my husband. We don’t remember exactly what he said when he asked me to marry him, but once we embraced he whispered, “Oh and that photographer is here for us, and I rented out the vineyard.”

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We have absolutely the most incredible pictures from the best day of my life. From walking hand in hand to the spot where we would get engaged, to my beloved kneeling on one knee, to me turning joyfully surprised to greet her lens with my eyes for the first time, and an hour of photos where you would be hard-pressed not to say we look like the two happiest people in the world. I know that even after all this time, our rom-com movie story has only just begun and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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