Melissa and TJ

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how we met

TJ and I met through a mutual friend in April of 2012. We all went to a local spot for drinks and we bonded over mutual interests and became fast friends. We would hang out at the beach, grab drinks, and bring our dogs to play and enjoy each others company while getting to know each other better. He asked me to be his girlfriend that November. Every year we take an “anniversary” trip to Key West, and this past November 2016 was when he proposed!

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how they asked

Last November I was scheduled to take my ultrasound boards. I took the entire weekend off to prepare and hopefully celebrate once it was over, so TJ and I decided it would be a good weekend to take our annual Key West anniversary trip in hopes that we would be celebrating me passing my boards and our 4th anniversary! So that morning I got up early to drive to Melbourne for my test and killed it!! I called TJ on my drive home to tell him the good news, and he told me he had a surprise for me once we got to Key West.

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Those of you that know Tj know that he is a talker, and after a few hours of driving, he just couldn’t keep his own secret anymore. He told me he had arranged for us to take a tarpon charter once we got into town. I was super excited! After passing my test I couldn’t wait to hop on someone else’s boat, relax, fish and drink some beers. Little did I know we would not be fishing that evening.

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We finally arrived at the marina, and were walking down the docks when the captain waved us down and walked us to….a private sailboat! I was very surprised and neither one of us had been sailing so we were very excited to take a sunset cruise. We headed out and the captain let us take turns steering the boat. We sailed past Mallory Square and around Sunset Key. It was pretty windy out but the sunset was absolutely STUNNING! The captain offered to take some pictures, so he waited until the boat was in the perfect spot and let us walk to the bow. I turned around to look at the sunset and when I looked back TJ was getting down on one knee and said “Babe, will you marry me?”

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“Of, course!” I replied. I was so shocked and so unbelievably happy! He couldn’t have picked a more perfect way to pop the question. We spent the rest of the time hanging out on the bow watching the gorgeous Key West sunset and sipping some bubbly! It was an absolutely perfect day!

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