Melissa and Tim

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How We Met

I had recently stopped playing soccer in college and wanted to do something that still kept me active and in shape so I decided to try out Crossfit 865. Tim at the time, was going so he could get a P.E credit for highschool. I tried it out and was terrified but continued to keep going. I noticed Tim at the end of one class sitting on a box writing in a spiral notebook. I thought it was weird that he was keeping track of his workouts, because I honestly just wanted to make it through a workout let alone take notes of it. We quickly became friends because it was a very friendly atmosphere at the box. We started going to the same time classes, which led to hanging outside of the workouts. We’d do anything from going to the parks, eating out, hiking and eventually started going over to each other’s houses. Our first “adventure” we decided to hike Mt.Cammerer. Tim picks me up from my house and we head to the mountsins. I told him I knew exactly where we were going and that he didn’t need to use a GPS…but it turned out I took us on a 3 hour detour to where we needed to be. After we asked for help at the welcome center, we were on our way and got to the start of the hike, unfortunately we were a few hours later then we had expected but we still went on the hike. Mount Cammerer was a round trip of 11 miles with a trail rating of difficult/strenuous. As we walked the trail, I told him all about me and he kindly listened. We finally got to the top, and realized the sun was setting and we still had to go back down the mountain…this is when the fun began. As we are descending down, it’s progressively getting darker, so it’s getting harder to see. We run into these two hikers that have backpacks and hiking sticks so they are kinda hunched over leaning on them. I think I was looking down making sure I didn’t fall on the trail but when I looked up, I saw them. I didn’t know what it was and I thought it was a black bear so I screamed and turned around and ran into Tim. He told me that he would’ve yelled also, but he got a mouth full of my hair so he couldn’t. Keep in mind it’s getting darker and darker and before we know it, it’s pitch black and starts pouring down rain. We only have two water bottles and our phones, but tims phone has died by now. We end up using my phone to call 911 because tim thought we should let them know there are people up there. We get a hold of them and they tried locating us and sent out rangers to find us. Well the rangers never found us but we eventually made it back onto the campground where we began and ran to his car and once we got inside his car my phone died. Tim told me later on that, that hike was when he realized he liked me. We’d been friends for about 3 months and he asked me to be his girlfriend October 20, 2015.

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how they asked

My sister kimmie has been talking about wanting to go to Max patch in North Carolina, so tim and I said we can make a trip out of it, little did I know they had been scheming for a while and that’s where he was going to propose to me. We woke up at I think 3 in the morning and went to go get Tim from his house and so we all went to Max Patch. Kimmie brought a friend along to help take pictures and video the proposal but I thought she just came along for fun. My sister kimmies loves taking pictures and making videos. She borrowed her friends drone so she could video the proposal from above but I had no idea and thought she just wanted to get some aerial view for a video she was wanting to make.

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So we get there and hike up this steep hill to a mountain top where we got and find a spot to sit to watch the sunrise. I still have no idea what’s going on, even though Tim was quiet than normal I didn’t think anything of it. We took pictures of the sunrise and then kimmie says how she wants to walk around and so we all go. There are quite a few other people there, so I didn’t realize but she was taking us to a spot more we secluded so Tim could ask the question…We walk down a hill and kimmie says, hey Tim want me to get some pictures of you guys and he said yeah. I still had no idea what was about to happen. We take a few pictures,

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and then Tim looks at me and says, “can I ask you something?” And I said “what?”, and before I knew it, he was down on one knee and asked, “will you marry me?”. I asked over and over again “Is this for real?!” Followed by many other questions and then I said yes!

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Special Thanks

Kimmie Garvey
 | Planning