Melissa and Steven

How We Met: We met on Friday November 02nd 2012. I (Melissa) was planning on meeting some friends for a night out when we decided to have pre-drinks at our local Pub and Restaurant. When we got there, the place was jammed packed and couldn’t find a place to sit. I then told the ladies “you guys find a place and I’ll order us a round of drinks”. I was looking around the bar only to find one available spot left to sit, I quickly took the chance and grabbed it. The place was very busy and didn’t expect to get served right away so I started checking out my emails and good old Facebook.

Then out of the corner of my eye I could tell someone was looking at me. I turned to my right and there he was. With his big blue eyes and charming smile he nodded and said “Hi”. I was shy at first and gave him a little smirk with a quick little “hello” then turned back to my phone. Finally the waitress showed up and asked what I would like to drink, then he turned again and said, “yes, what would you like to drink”? Our eyes locked and that moment and I knew there was something special about him.

Never has it hit me so hard just by looking a someone. Long story short, I totally forgot about the girls that night (they completely understood, theses girls got my back) I ended up talking with him the rest of the night and instantly clicked. Weird part is, I never go to our local Pub and about an hour before we met he was in PJ’s ready for bed when his friend called him up needing a friend to keep him company for a few hours and ended up there.

how they asked:It was Muay Thai fight night (MMA) I was the “Ring Card Girl” with my Best friend. He knocked his opponent out in the 01st round under 30sec. He grabbed the Mic from the announcer (who he knew and knew about the proposal) Asked for me to come up since he had a special announcement to make.

Image 1 of Melissa and Steven

When I got up there, he then said “This woman saved my life and I love her to death and want her to spend the rest of my life with me”. Got down on one knee in front of over 300 peoples cheering and clapping for us. I said YES! He had help from his trainer and the Tristar Gym. Without them, this proposal would have never happened.

Image 2 of Melissa and Steven

They are like family to us, I couldn’t have asked for a better way for my hand in marriage than in front of our closest friends and family.