Melissa and Stephen

How We Met

We began talking in 2013 on a dating site. POF (plenty of fish) to be exact. We sent a couple messages and then I deleted my account. The following year I started a new account and he saw that I was back on the site and he messaged me. WE began sending messages back and forth everyday. We finally exchanged numbers and our first phone conversation lasted over 3 hours. We talked everyday for hours. We texted each other while we were at work. I liked him. He held such intelligent and funny conversations. Nothing like i had experienced before. I had my guard up because I had gotten out of a relationship before we started talking. I finally went to see him in person after a few weeks. He was everything! Tall, handsome and he smelled good. Good thing I wasn’t catfished. We later became an item a month later and the rest was history. Image 1 of Melissa and Stephen

how they asked

We made plans to go on a romantic getaway in October. We booked the room for 10/30/15. The day finally came. I dropped my son off at preschool and went to run my errands. I packed my bag for the night and had lunch. I later picked my son up from school and we went home. My parents were going to our pastors anniversary banquet and my aunt was going to watch my son until my parents returned home. I had to sneak out the house so my son wouldn’t see me. He saw me and said bye momma. I kissed him and told him I loved him. I called my boyfriend and told him I was on my way to pick him up so that we could get on the road. I picked him up and we began our travels. We were stuck in traffic for 30 mins and we stopped twice because we thought that we were lost. We finally reached our romantic getaway destination. We had our own private swimming pool, suana, and jacuzzi. It was perfect! I went to grab us a bite to eat. I called him on his phone to come down and help with the bags. He told me to close my eyes before we got to the bedroom. He was walking behind me with his hand over my eyes. We got to the bedroom and he asked me “if I loved him?” I said yes. He asked if “I was going to be with him forever?” I said yes. He asked if I wanted to ask him anything, I said no. He said I have one more question for you. He uncovered my eyes and I opened my eyes and read “Will you marry me” in rose petals on the bed. I instantly broke down in tears. He got on one knee with the right d in his hand and asked, “Melissa will you marry me?” I SAID YES!

Image 2 of Melissa and Stephen