Melissa and Shane

Image 1 of Melissa and Shane

How We Met

We initially met at a Block and Bridle meeting our Freshman year at Kansas State. We signed each other’s wooden “B’s” we had to decorate to be a member of the club, chatted for a little, then went on our separate ways. A few weeks later on October 4, 2012, I was getting ready to leave for the airport to fly home for a cattle show. I saw that I had a flat tire, so I told Shane that I would text him later because I had to go figure out what to do since I was on a limited time frame to begin with.

Within minutes, Shane called me saying, “Where are you?! I’ll come help you put your spare on before I go to my next class.” So there he was walking up to my Jeep wearing a red sweatshirt and smelled like a cattle feedlot (yum!) He quickly changed my tire, I gave him a huge hug to thank him and on we went with our day. Before 15 minutes into my drive, I got a text from Shane – he wanted to make sure everything was going okay. We constantly texted the rest of the weekend, and had our first date that following Wednesday when I came back. And the rest is history!

how they asked

We both come from agricultural backgrounds, where cattle are a huge part of our lives. On January 22, 2016, we were tagging a couple baby calves at Shane’s parents’ place. We were on the last calf and as I went to tag it, I asked to make sure it was in the right place on its ear. Shane didn’t reply, so I asked again a little more forceful this time. He replied, “Read the damn tag!” I read it, dropped everything, and looked over to see him down on one knee, holding the calf, fighting the mama cow off, and holding the ring in his hand.

Image 2 of Melissa and Shane

And the best part about it, Shane’s parents gave us the calf as an engagement present so we can begin building our own herd together! Her registered name is SFI Miss Marry Me!

Image 3 of Melissa and Shane