Melissa and Seth

How We Met

Seth and I met through mutual friends while watching the Auburn national championship game at a friend’s home back in January of 2014. Me being an Alabama fan and Seth being an avid Alabama fan, we weren’t exactly interested in watching the game. I was more interested in talking to my best friends but little did I know Seth was interested in finding out more about me. If you know anything about the two of us, you know that we are both huge Alabama fans. It is safe to say we were both secretly cheering against Auburn during this game. We never thought anything of “the meet and greet” because we were both returning back to our separate colleges at the end of the break to finish our last semester of undergrad. Fast forward to May of 2014, when a close friend randomly asked him while playing basketball “What do you think about my friend Melissa?” His response, “she’s cute” triggered our friend to ask him if he would ever consider taking me on a date. With that being said, he immediately followed me on Instagram and this was a huge deal, because Seth apparently never talked about other girls or ever said other girls were even cute. Seth and I spent the entire summer getting to know each other before I would let him take me out on our very first date. Seth was, and still is the definition of patience as he continued to pursue me, met my entire extended family and more while waiting for me to agree to let him take me out on a date. I knew from the beginning he was a keeper!

how they asked

On February 12, 2016 the man of my dreams dropped to one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. Seth and I had our first date outside of The Club as we spent hours getting to know each other. Since that day, The Club has always been one of our favorite places to go to and make memories. Both of our families were going to The Club for what I thought was a “political campaign fundraiser” with both of our families. It was nothing out of the ordinary to go out on the balcony to take pictures with the beautiful scenery. Before taking the first picture, Seth caught me off guard by grabbing me by both arms saying, “Before we take a picture…” I knew instantly that he was about to ask me to marry him. It was perfect because both of our families were standing right there to witness the proposal and capture it on camera. It turns out that Seth had been coordinating with my older brother, Drew, to find a way to get both families to The Club. About a week before the event, Drew sent a text message to our family text thread inviting us to what he said was going to be a “political fundraiser” for one of our family friends. Both families responded with interest and played along. It worked out perfectly, along with a surprise engagement party at The Club after the proposal with our close friends and extended family members! It was a remarkable night we will never forget!


Special Thanks

The Club, Inc.
Engagement After Party