Melissa and Ryan

How We Met: Ryan traveled for his job and I had just moved to Miami for graduate school. Before we met, we both had asked (at different times during the same week) our mutual friends if they had any friends they could introduce us to. We both expressed that we didn’t want anything serious -just friends, just to hang out, just casual dating.

Ryan was unfairly shown a picture of me before we met, and although I wasn’t shown a picture, I was still hesitant to meet Ryan because he was a professional gambler; somehow my friend still talked me into it. The first time we met was the same day I asked for a friend to meet, with our mutual friends present at a bar. We didn’t have our official first real date until January -we met in November. And actually, he took me on a trip with him for work before our first date!

Image 1 of Melissa and Ryan

Here we are -the result of asking your friends if they have any friends, two years later. (First picture is in the Bahamas where we kind of had our first date. The second picture is in Mexico, the last place we traveled)Image 2 of Melissa and Ryan

how they asked: Ryan and I decided to look for houses after we traveled together for 7 months. After a couple of failed attempts, we decided to go with a new construction home. We picked the plot of land, we picked the house, and now we had to wait. With new construction there are all these different (and quick) decisions you have to make.

After I got home from a meeting, Ryans tells me that we need to go sign some paperwork before going to the design warehouse the next day. I was upset at the fact that our plans were changing, because we were planning on going to the beach for the night with some friends. I quickly changed and threw on summer clothes, because I thought we were going to the beach. I even tried to reason with him and I argued with him because I didn’t want to go, but he insisted.

As we made our way to the home site, he started to make a detour. Once again I expressed my anger because he was wasting time. “Let’s see if they’ve made any changes,” Ryan said. “It’s only been a few days since we’ve been here, probably not much has changed,” I bark back. “Oh look, posts,” I shouted. “Let’s go look!” Ryan says.

As I make my way out of his truck and walk through a huge puddle, I walk up to the outlined foundation of our new home and I see Ryan down on one knee with a sign that reads, “Now that we have a house, do you want to make it a home? Will you marry me?” After I read the sign, I said “awww” and then he actually asked the question, and I said, “yes of course!”

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We hugged, we kissed, I had friends in the background creepily taking photos from an unfinished house, and then it hits me -we’re engaged! Tears soon followed after that. So, Ryan proposed in what is now to be our garage.