Melissa and Ryan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

How We Met

Ryan and I met our first week of college since we lived in the same dorm and had two out of four classes together. We instantly became friends because we had so much in common, and over the course of freshman year we grew to be best friends. After a few months, a friend of mine mentioned that Ryan started having deeper feelings for me, but I had started dating someone else so I acted like I knew nothing. At the beginning of the sophomore year when I was single again, Ryan came to visit me on Cape Cod to take me on our first date.

Where to Propose in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

He said he was nearby from PA visiting his grandfather in MA, but turns out he drove 6 hours up to take me on that first date. We went to a cute French restaurant for dinner because I love all things French, and when chocolate mousse came for dessert he had one bite and let me have the rest because he knew I “would appreciate it more”. In that moment I knew he was the one because it embodied the caring and thoughtful guy that I was best friends with and loved. I was so afraid to date my best friend in case we broke up and I lost him. With that fear in the back of both of our minds, we both started the relationship knowing that this was it.

How They Asked

Every year we go back to Cape Cod and eat at the same restaurant where we had our first date. For our six-year anniversary, we happened to be on the Cape since I was starting school the following week, so we went there for dinner and I got my chocolate mousse-like our very first date. I tried to go shopping after dinner but he was very anxious to get back to the beach to watch the sunset with my family. I rolled my eyes because it had been cloudy all day but I went along with it. When we got to the beach, we were met by my family, our dog Milo and the most amazing sunset! It was incredibly beautiful, so we walked onto the beach with Milo and I shoved our car keys and my phone into his pocket.

As we walked down the beach, Milo noticed another dog down the beach and started pulling in the opposite direction. Ryan seemed flustered and tried to get him to stay but eventually just let go of the leash! Then he turned to me and said “Happy 6-year anniversary babe, how about 60 more?” and I immediately cried and lost all words. When he got on one knee though and asked “Will you marry me?” the car alarm starts going off! I was too happy to care and just could not stop smiling! My family came running down and it was just the most amazing moment. The ring is also his mother’s original engagement ring, so it is stunning and a beautiful family heirloom!