Melissa and Rob

Proposal Ideas Kapalua Coastal Trail, Maui, Hawaii

How We Met

Rob and I met at a wedding a little over a year and a half ago. I was a coworker of the bride and he was a coworker of the groom. The bride and groom were determined to introduce us, but we were both a little shy. Thanks to our pushy friends and some liquid courage, we finally said hi and the rest is history. Our first date was just four days later, and we both quickly knew that we had found “our one.” Just a year and a half after we met, we are now planning our own wedding. We couldn’t be more excited to spend forever together, and we are very thankful for the people who brought us together.

how they asked

Rob and I were on vacation in Maui with my family. This was our 4th time in Maui, so we were looking for some new things to do. Rob decided to plan a hike on the Kapalua Coastal Trail for all of us. It was a beautiful sunny day in Maui, not a cloud in the sky. We hiked halfway through the trail, but the sun was starting to set so we decided to turn around. We ended our hike at this amazing rocky peak, with beautiful ocean views. Rob asked my family to get a picture of us together with the gorgeous background. As we climbed up the rock to get a picture, rain came out of nowhere! The perfect sunny day, turned into a downpour. As my family tried to snap a quick pick of us, Rob dropped to one knee with a ring box in his hand. As he was professing his love for me in the pouring rain, the sky suddenly cleared up which made way for a perfect rainbow. My family was snapping countless pictures and videos, as we all shared a special moment together. My fiancé planned a perfect proposal with a little dramatic help from Mother Nature.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Kapalua Coastal Trail, Maui, Hawaii