Melissa and Rick

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How We Met

Rick and I met in May 2010 when my best friend began to date his brother. When she met Rick, she called me immediately after and said, “Mike has a brother, he’s cute and I think you’ll like him!” Two weeks later and we were a couple. Now seven years later, we are engaged and planning our wedding for April 2018.

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Rick and I love to travel. So much so that we are having a destination wedding and there will be many travel themed items throughout our wedding!

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how they asked

Rick had given me a planned trip to Ottawa for Christmas 2016, and we were set to go in January. While I usually plan our vacations, he said he was taking the lead on this one so the entire trip’s events would be a surprise to me. On our second day there, we walked around downtown Ottawa until he led me to the Eternal Flame on Parliament Hill. As we were standing there watching the flame, Rick approached a “street musician” for a request. His first request was for something in his guitar case which ended up being a bouquet of flowers for me. At this point, I was in such shock but still didn’t realize what was happening. He asked the musician for a song request which was All I Want is You by Barry Louis Polisar. The song starts with a solo singer, which Rick started to do. I had no idea what was happening and stood there in shock. The next part of the song is a solo harmonica, which Rick pulled out his jacket and he began to play the song.

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As a side note, Rick has never played the harmonica before in his life!! When this happened, I had a good idea what was about to happen but I didn’t want to get too excited. The guitarist joined in on the song and Rick continued to sing the song in its entirety. At this point, a large crowd had gathered around us. There is a certain line in the song that says, “All I want is you, will you be my wife?” And while singing this part, Rick had this huge smile on his face and that is when I knew what was happening. When the song was over, Rick got down on one knee and the crowd began to cheer.

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Rick announced to the crowd, “Wait wait, I have a speech!” Rick began to tell me that during his travels, he would continually ask people he met different life questions. The most important of which, “How do you know when you should marry someone?” The answers he got from people were pretty lacklustre so he said he just began to imagine his life without me, and he just couldn’t. Rick told me that there was no me without him and he asked if I would be his wife. Of course, I said yes.

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Special Thanks

Roshan Daniel
 | Posed as the street musician to help Rick perform the song
Roshan Daniel
 | Photographer