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For the past few Christmas Eves she has been trying to get me to ice skate but every year it had been either too cold or too warm for ice. This Christmas Eve the weather was supposed to be warm again but the website for the skating ring was posted online stating they were going to be in full operation regardless of the warmth. So the morning came and her mom gave me the ring and I had to wear a hoodie to secure the ring in the inside pocket. After a 45 minute ride and a text to the friend she never met that was going to be the random person in the crowd that I would choose to take our picture, unknown to her would be a video. Everything was right on schedule. As we arrived at the rink it looked to be closed and as vacant as Buffalo Bills Stadium during the NFL Playoffs. With a slight panic text to Joe (video guy), I then text Rose (her mom) stating I was on the verge of tears as Melissa was deciding lunch plans. Now in a state of frustration and lack of hunger pains a plan was set in place and a arrival time was another 25 minutes away as we drove towards Niagara Falls.

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When we finally arrived and still lunch-less we walked the park to kill time as the temperature we were not dressed for dropped to what felt as to be freezing. Without a spare jacket to give and no Joe, Melissa seemed to be cold and uncertain why we are at the falls without a diner in site. She heads back to the truck as I drag my feet behind. As she cranks the heat while the truck blows cold air Joe finally arrives as I jump out and say “excuse me sir could you take a picture of us”. With a pissed look on her face she obliges my wishes and steps out of the truck. As the disgust on her face doesn’t give it away Joe offers his jacket to help comfort her in hopes this proposal doesn’t go south. When we finally come to a spot of background construction with a slight view of the falls she says “this looks like a good spot let’s do this quick cause I’m cold”. I hand the phone to Joe in video mode and rest is history, the video says it all. Hope you enjoy.

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