Melissa and Randy

How We Met

We met through rugby. my friends wanted me to play and he’s always played the sport . so one evening the whole rugby club went for beers and he tried to talk to me couple times but was so shy every time he tried his face would get red and it’s like the words wouldn’t come out. That night he had gotten my number from a mutual friend. The next day I received a text from him asking me on a date. I wasn’t too concerned with dating at the time so I kindly said “maybe” hinting that I was not interested. But he continued to be so sweet and shy I decided to say yes to a coffee. When he picked me up he asked to meet my father first ( which I love that he asked that) and ever since then we have been inseparable. He has always been the most kind, respectful and caring man I have ever met, I am truly blessed.

how they asked

We decided to go to Punta Cana in the Dominican republic for Christmas. During our stay we walked along the beach every evening at sunset. On Christmas eve we had a special Christmas even dinner gala so we were all dressed up but before we went we had to do our beautiful walk on the beach. While walking the beach we were talking about how happy we are, how excited we are for the future, like we always do..!then Randy stopped, pretended to reach down for the sand, then he kneeled and asked me to marry him, I imediatly busted into tears and shock, and he began to cry aswell. We stood in that spot for awhile hugging and crying together, so happy. Then he had a photographer planted to take our engagement photos at sunset on the beach. It couldn’t have been any more special. I am now engaged to my bestfriend and soulmate.

Image 1 of Melissa and Randy