Melissa and Phil

Melissa and Phil's Engagement in Walt Disney World Orlando

How We Met

Phil and Melissa met April 4, 2015, at Nashville North unexpectedly. Phil and Melissa continued to talk while Melissa went to Germany for her five-week internship through Humber College. Finally, on June 14, 2015, Phil asked Melissa, “Will you be my princess?” with the Pandora charm after they let a Chinese lantern fly through the sky.

How They Asked

Phil and Melissa went on vacation to Orlando for 12 days. On July 4, 2019, Phil and Melissa went the Walt Disney World to celebrate Independence Day and enjoy the fireworks! Not only was this Melissa’s first time at Walt Disney World, but little did she know she would be celebrating a Happily Ever After too! Phil and Melissa spent the day walking around the park and enjoying the rides. Phil then wanted a photo at the Cinderella Wishing Well in front of the castle. After a few photos, Phil got down on his knee and asked Melissa, “You’ve been my princess for a while now, it’s time to make you my queen. Will you marry me?” Melissa cried and said yes!

We want to thank the couple who took our photos that have been together for 26 years and the people who congratulated us as well as took photos of their own!

Melissa's Proposal in Walt Disney World Orlando

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