Melissa and Patrick

Image 1 of Melissa and Patrick

How We Met

It was during March Madness of 2014 that I locked eyes with this handsome man and sparks flew ! A co worker invited me out to a bar, and luckily the handsome man I locked eyes with happened to be my co- workers boyfriends friend- It truly was love at first sight. We engaged in about 4 hours of conversation, so deeply that we didn’t realize all our friends had left the bar- that’s when I realized in a room full of people I didn’t see anyone else , I didn’t hear anyone else , and nothing else in the world mattered. He had captivated my heart. I knew he was the one !

The evening finally came to an end ,and being the gentleman that he is he hailed a cab for me,asked for my phone number,gave me a big hug,and we said our goodbyes – chivalry does exist! We set up a date later that week. We were inseparable from that moment ! He continued to cort me for the next year & a half and the rest is history!

how they asked

In life there are good days, but September 4th 2015 was a truly perfect day….
Earlier in the week, Patrick told me he had a work party to attend on Friday at High Line Tavern. He said all of his work colleagues would be there and wanted me to come with him.

Well, Friday came, and after work I rushed over to Patrick’s to hurry and get ready for the evening. I wanted to look my best since we were attending his work party! Instead, we got caught up watching “Bachelor in Paradise” on TV and soon realized the time. I was now in a panic trying to hurry and get ready and in my rush, I just throw on some clothes and we headed out the door.
In heels and walking fast, we came up to the KinzieBridge; it is one of the most beautiful places in Chicago to take in the city skyline. I noticed a couple taking what looked like engagement photos and remember thinking, “How sweet!” As we stood there for a moment taking in the view, and resting my feet from our speed walking, I looked over and Patrick was on one knee! My heart dropped and it was as if time stood still. I couldn’t believe it. This was happening. I’d waited my whole life for this moment. There was no question, no hesitation, of course I said “YES!” My fairytale was now a reality. And he’d even gone as far as arranging a photographer to capture our moment on the bridge! He is so thoughtful. I was beaming in happiness. But it didn’t stop there…

Naturally, all I wanted to do was call my family (and every other person I’d ever met for that matter!!) but Patrick asked that we please just go on to High Line Tavern first. He quickly admitted that it wasn’t a work party after all, but rather some of his family was there waiting for us so we could celebrate our engagement! Well, sure enough, we walk in the door, and there in front of me was my family and his family and some of our close friends! I couldn’t believe it. He’d thought of everything. My family!! My family all flew in. It was the greatest night of my life and I was honored to be sharing it with our family, friends and most importantly, the man of my dreams.

Even now I pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming! This is real. This is my fairytale! I couldn’t be more honored and blessed to know that I get to spend the rest of my life and grow old with such an amazing man.