Melissa and Patrick's Adventure Book Proposal

How We Met: I met Patrick when I was just turning 19 and he was turning 21 while we were away at school. Our birthdays are a day apart so we shared a birthday weekend up in college. I know it sounds cheesy but the moment I met him, I knew I had met the man I was supposed to share my life with. I had a huge crush on him and never thought in a million years this cool older guy would ever pay attention to me, but sure enough he did. Every day I am thankful that he gave this giddy 19 year old girl a chance.

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This picture was taken only a few months after we started dating, such babies!

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Us today!

how they asked: Patrick will be the first person to jump up and agree with this next statement: I am very difficult to surprise.. so he was determined to keep this a secret. My fiance is a New York City Police Officer and despite working long hours, he managed to plan every detail perfectly…

My birthday was back in October and when I came home there was a letter on my pillow. The letter told me that after my finals for nursing school were over we would go into the city for dinner and a broadway show. So of course I’m thinking, “This is IT, he is definitely going to propose!” After four years together and sharing an apartment AND a cat this HAS to be it. I waited not so patiently for what seemed to be the longest two months of my life.

When that Sunday in December finally came I had my reservations and tried to talk myself out of the idea he might propose as to not set myself up for disappointment. That day he surprised me and told me we would be staying over night in the city. Again, I tried to convince myself he wasn’t going to do it. But if we are being honest here, I was praying pretty hard that it would happen that night.

We got into the city and checked into the hotel which was beautiful and so very “me”. Next on the list was to go see Cinderella on Broadway. The show was incredible, and we had a blast. Still no proposal! We headed to dinner and as the night went on I soon realized that my boyfriend would not be proposing tonight. I know Patrick as well as he knows me and I knew that when he proposed he would not be letting the night go as casual as it did. As that fact settled in, I have to admit I was disappointed and was a little grumpy but it did not last long.We met one of his friends and his fiance out and we had a great time. I gave myself a little pep talk and decided to accept that it was not happening today and to push the thought of engagement out of my mind, and I did just that. The rest of the night was so much fun and as always was just enjoying spending time with my very best friend.

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The next morning I woke up and Pat was already awake and shuffling around the apartment, he told me to get myself ready because we had brunch reservations to go to before we got on the road to go home. I got ready quickly, since we would just be going right in the car after breakfast. We checked out of the hotel and drove to breakfast. It was one of the best (and most expensive) breakfasts I had ever had. Pat seemed a little fidgety with his phone and kept getting up to go the restroom but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. He asked if we could go for a walk in Central Park across the street to walk off this breakfast a little before having to get back in the car. It was a cold December day and it was supposed to rain but when we got outside the weather had cleared. We walked through the park, stopped to watch a few carolers. I was cold so I asked Pat if we could go back to the car, that must have been his signal to put the plan into action! We got to the Bow Bridge which I had never seen before so I gladly stopped to look at the view and listen to a ukulele player that was singing.

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Little did I know my little sister was all of ten feet away from me in disguise getting ready to capture one of the happiest moments of my life.

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Pat put his arm around me and said, “I know money is tight this year but I made you something for our anniversary and I want to read it to you.” At this moment I wasn’t thinking this was anything abnormal because Pat normally makes me very thoughtful gifts. He pulls out a leather bound book and proceeds to read it to me..

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“Our Adventure Book So Far”

Melissa, You know how you always want me to tell you a story? Well I wrote one for you. It’s kind of a love story. You were there, but let me tell you about it anyway. It started with two crazy kids. They had no idea the adventure they were about to begin.. It started in a place far from home..But they soon brought their love home with them…He loves her because she encourages him to be himself… Which is good because he is kind of a screw ball.. And he loves her for always being herself too.. She stands by him in his proudest moments.. and his not so proud ones.. They’ve been together for accomplishment.. after accomplishment.. They love each other so much they even made a little home together.. and started a little family of their own.. Melissa Marie, I am excited to continue this adventure with you…

I started to get a little weepy just looking at all of our pictures and laughing about how far we’ve come and what a great anniversary present it was.. so I did what any girlfriend would do and I gave Patrick a big kiss. Completely oblivious Patrick gave the thumbs up to the the ukulele player HE had hired to start playing my favorite song Better Together by Jack Johnson.

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Patrick turned to the next page of the book and it said “Save this Page.”

“Do you know what I am saving this page for?” He asked me. I must have looked like a deer in headlights because at this point I was a little confused (I didn’t even notice the musician was playing my favorite song! Talk about oblivious) I said I had no clue and then he looked at me and smiled and simply said “this”.. and turned the page..

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And there hanging from a piece of twine, was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. All I could say (over and over again) was are you kidding me?!

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He took off my gloves and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him..

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And I of course happily said YES!

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The best candid pictures we have ever taken! At this point I still did not know my sister was there taking any pictures.. until all of a sudden I finally heard the sound of her camera shutter..

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This was the moment I saw her! It meant the world to have my sister there to share such a special day with me.

I will never forget how much love and work Pat put into his proposal. I could not have chosen a better way to do it, it was so simple and so “us.” He knew exactly how to lead me down a false trail and come out of left field and propose on a Monday morning after breakfast!

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Onto our next Adventure …

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