Melissa and Nic

How We Met

Nic and I met in 2006, when I was living in Edmonton, Alberta, and he was stationed there with the Canadian Armed Forces. He didn’t know anyone in town, so my sister, who happened to be visiting, introduced us. She knew him because it turns out we are both grew up in the same small town in BC, but did not know each other at all.

how they asked

My dream was to go to New York City, and Nic made that happen in October 2013. I got to see and do everything on my bucket list, and attend a few sporting events. We had planned on going up the Empire State Building before we left. That day, we were overlooking lower Manhattan, when I suggested we keep walking. Nic said we should stay put because “This view is perfect and our trip has been perfect, and you can make my life perfect by marrying me” at which time he got down on one knee and proposed with an amazing princess cut ring in a vintage silver ring box belonging to his grandma. Somehow, he convinced security to let him through with the ring and box without me even noticing!

Image 1 of Melissa and Nic