Melissa and Nate

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Citi Field Ny, NY (Spartan Race)

Just a year after dating, 11 months into living together :) Nate and I had a Spartan Race in NY we signed up for with my family. Around New Years they hinted that they wanted to do a race and Nate was on a TriFecta streak and I had already ran over 15 half marathons so I agreed to my first Spartan. When my family signed up I didn’t get suspicious because it was their idea. When his family signed up, I got annoyed because it was quality time with my family since we live out of state. Nate’s sister in law was 8 months pregnant at the time and driving that morning from Fort Belvior, VA to NY for the Spartan race so i was also pissed and confused as to why!

I had 3 races back to back that month and a week prior a friend texted me good luck for my half marathon that didn’t usually text me so I told Nate that was weird.

Th Friday before the race, a friend commented on my Instagram photo good luck this weekend. I knew I hadn’t talked to her in months! So I wondered how she knew I had a race at all so I got suspicious. My suspicion ended when my fiance stated that my dad didn’t have to come because it would be raining all day. (Little did he know that no one had actually told me dad what was happening that day so he actually didn’t show up!)

It was raining all morning and my family wasn’t in the same time slot us we were so I completely forgot about my suspicions. Close to the finish line I went ahead for the photo opportunity and finished ahead of Nate. He called me back so I assumed he wanted a photo. While I ran back I spotted his best friend in the stands, and standing next to my best friend! So I turned around to tell him and there he was, on one knee!

Our (now) wedding party was party of our Spartan team that day! We coincidentally got the Spartan finish line photographer to photograph our proposal without asking


Melissa and Nate's Engagement in Citi Field Ny, NY (Spartan Race)