Melissa and Max

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How We Met

Max and I met our sophomore year in college at Rutgers University. We lived on the same floor in the dorm but didn’t know each other at all. As it turns out I lived next to his friends and he lived next to one of my friends. Towards the end of the first semester I started seeing him around more he would look at me but wouldn’t say anything. He then added me on facebook and liked all my pictures but still wouldn’t say anything! My friend Jackie who lived next to him kept trying to put us in situations where we would talk but still nothing. One day I was thinking how I did not want to miss out on the opportunity to talk to this handsome guy on the floor so I facebook messaged him first! We had our first date in the dining hall and it was painfully awkward. Once we opened up to each other we were inseparable! We wound up taking all of our classes together from that semester on until graduation since we even had the same major and minor!

how they asked

After college graduation we both participated in the disney college program down in disney world. They were having an alumni weekend so naturally (I look for any excuse to visit disney world) we had to go. We couldn’t believe it has been four years since we did our program! Our first morning we decided to head to magic kingdom for opening ceremony since it’s my favorite time in the parks. However it was raining and the opening ceremony was cancelled. We decided to continue our day with some Starbucks and a ride on the carousel. I didn’t realize how annoying I was dragging him all over when he was trying to get me to the castle! After a ride on our favorite horses on the carousel Max told me he wanted to stand in the walkway under the castle to stay dry from the rain and finish his coffee. I agreed but only if he agreed to ride space mountain right after! As we were standing in the castle a photopass photographer approached us and asked us if we wanted our pictures taken. We agreed and he began snapping away! All of the sudden I see my little sister and her boyfriend behind him! They were supposed to be in school in Tennessee! I ran up to my sister and immediately began crying out of shock I didn’t even have time to think of what was about to happen. My sister actually was holding the ring and handed it to Max as we were hugging. Behind my sister was my mom and dad who were supposed to be at work in New Jersey! I ran up to both of them and by now I was definitely ugly crying! When I turned around Max was on one knee (also crying and smiling ear to ear) he said the most beautiful speech and asked me to be his wife! I screamed yes of course and we spent the most perfect day in magic kingdom celebrating with my family and all of the cast members who helped make our proposal magical.

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