Melissa and Matthew

Where to Propose in Planting Fields

how they asked

We had visited the Planting Fields in October and I had raved about how it was the perfect place to have an engagement. We decided we would come back in the spring when all of the flowers were in bloom so that we could see it in its full beauty. Once spring came it seemed to rain every weekend so we kept having to push our plans back. Finally, on June 9th it was the perfect sunny day, but of course insanely hot! I was hesitant about going because it didn’t want to walk around in the heat but of course Matt convinced me to go. He ironed about 6 different outfits for me and didn’t complain once. Finally, we got in the car and drove up to the Planting Fields.

When we finally arrived we parked the car and started walking up to the entrance. Matt asked me to walk through all of these different places but of course, didn’t want to go where he wanted. He was patient and let me go where I wanted but then he made me walk all the way to the back of the park. I was reluctant to do it but of course, did. We walked there and back so at that point I became “hangry”, you know hungry and cranky. He was taking me on a wild goose chase that I did not want to go on! Next, we went to the bathroom and I thought it fell in! Finally, he came out and we walked towards to mansion.

As we came up to the mansion’s garden there was a beautiful long arched walkway covered in vines. We began to walk down it, Matt grabbed my hand and started looking at me and smiling and of course, I asked him what was wrong. He then stopped and grabbed both by hands and started to tell me how much he loved me. The only thing that could come out of my mouth was “No,no,no,omg,no”. Matt then dropped down to his knee and said “Melissa will you please marry me and spend the rest of your life by my side?” Of course, I said… “YES!!”