Melissa and Matthew

Melissa and Matthew's Engagement in La Vernia, Texas

How We Met

I was at a friend’s wedding as a newly single woman. I noticed Matt from across the dance floor and he had already noticed me. Once the dancing started he walked over to the table I was at and asked me to dance. From that moment on we were inseparable. We danced the night away and while we danced we talked and just got to know each other. At the end of the night he asked for my number and of course I gave it to him. Our first date was about three days later and the rest, as they say, is history!

Melissa's Proposal in La Vernia, Texas

how they asked

Well we booked a venue about three months before we got engaged just to be smart. So I knew it was coming. A friend of ours has a daughter who is a photographer and she reached out to us about being our photographer for our wedding. So I explained to her that we already had a venue and I wanted to talk to her about potential places to take engagement pictures, when the time came. (I’m a planner!!) So a few weeks later she responded and said that she would like to come to the property where we wanted to take engagements to scope out the area and get some test shots. There is an old, beautiful condemned bridge on the rental property I have. Matt and I had been down there a few times and thought it was so gorgeous.

So we took the photographer there first and when I stepped in the bridge I noticed something. It looked like an animal..yard art! Immediately I said, “What is that? What is it doing in the bridge?” So I walked closer and saw the flowers that were next to it. It was an iron goat. Matt calls me his “goat” because I am the Greatest Of All Time. (Matt is a coach and this is a sports reference!) Written on the goat was a sweet message asking me to marry him and telling me he loved me. We waited until we were officially engaged to tell each other “I love you.” The photographer was not there to “take test shots” she was there to capture the entire proposal!

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