Melissa and Matthew

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Barnegat Lighthouse, NJ

How We Met

Matthew and I met not long after we each got out of serious relationships. Neither of us was looking for anything serious, and ‘swiped right’ on each other and were made a match! After talking to Matt online, I agreed to go out for dinner with him and meet. The first thing he said to me as we met was, “Wow! You are really pretty!” I can still picture his nervous smile. It was adorable! It feels silly writing about our first date because it never felt like a ‘first date,’ we never had that new awkwardness or lack in conversation. I felt like we were an old couple enjoying an evening out to dinner together! As the saying goes, the rest is history…

How They Asked

Six months after meeting, Matt received the news he would be going out of state for work for over a month (he is in the military.) The day before he left, he suggested we spend the day together, just the two of us. We hopped in the car and drove to the mall. As we are driving, I look over at my boyfriend and see he looks to be in tears! After questioning him, he abruptly exclaims, “I’m just nervous, okay!” I assumed he was talking about leaving and going away for a month. We pulled into the parking lot and Matt hops out, and claimed he needed to “get a pair of running shorts” for PT before he left, and told me, “Stay in the car, I’ll be five minutes.” 45 minutes later, he comes walking out with no bags which would prove purchase and I was annoyed! Little did I know, he was getting my ring cleaned right before he popped the question. We continue on with our day, and drove an hour to a gorgeous lighthouse in a state park. It’s late afternoon, the sun is setting, and we begin climbing up the steps. Matt is practically flying up these stairs, his hands in his pockets, not saying a word! We finally get to the top, out of breath, and yet I’m enjoying the breath-taking view. Matt is acting strange, circling the platform over and over (waiting for some privacy!) As I look down, I see a wedding ceremony taking place underneath us, and sweet music begins playing. I turn to Matt to take in this moment and see his eyes tearing up. I laugh and say, “Is it that windy up here!?” He smiles and says, “Babe….. Babe….Babe..” as he tries to muster up the courage for the words about to come out of his mouth. He puts my hand in his, and as I see him begin to get down on his knee, it clicks. “Will you marry me?” He asks, and all I can do is cover my face to prevent the ugly cry face from showing! I say yes and my nervous, brand new fiancé puts my beautiful engagement ring on the wrong hand and upside down! I wiggle my ring finger on my left hand and we fix it together, giggling. Like right out of a storybook, the people admiring this moment around us begin to clap and congratulate us. I’m shaking like a leaf and I have never felt this level of joy before. I embrace my new fiancé and we enjoy watching the wedding ceremony happening underneath us. What a way to say goodbye for a month, am I right?!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Barnegat Lighthouse, NJ