Melissa and Mark

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How We Met

We met in high school 11 years ago. I needed a date to the 9th-grade dance, and my cousin set us up. When I first met him, I was napping on a bench and my cousin called his name out. I fell off, introduced myself, called him short and the rest is history. Keep in mind we’ve been DM’ing on MySpace and talking on AOL instant messenger a couple weeks prior to the meeting. The original online dating I suppose.

how they asked

To all our family and friends, yes, it’s finally happening! This day was 10 years in the making, and every moment leading up to this was worth the wait. The Friday prior to the proposal, our gang decided to bring extra outfits and trek up to #crouchinglionhike. It was the first nice sunny day in Oahu in quite some time so we wanted to take full advantage of taking some photos. Daniel gets his drone up, as we were the first to do a wardrobe change. Kayla takes my camera while Crystal and Kendal are on a higher rock watching and taking photos more photos.

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As awkward as we are, the group tells us to look cute and act like we love each other. Kayla is telling me to position my self towards her. Mark is holding my hand, and all of a sudden I hear, “Babe, will you marry me?”, I start hysterically crying and laughing because this group bamboozled me. Usually, I can feel these things coming, but not that day. It was so perfect I couldn’t have imagined it any different.

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Special Thanks

Kayla & Danniel Aquino
 | Videographer
Crystal P.
 | Photographer
Kendal R.
 | Planning