Melissa and Manuel

Image 1 of Melissa and Manuel

How We Met

For three years he has been chasing me and asking me to go out with him and for three years I ignored him. He commented on my video about me helping the homeless and I fell in love with how attentive and caring he was about my community outreach program. A few weeks later we met in person and he asked me to be his girlfriend on December 22, 2018.

How They Asked

He was pestering me all day to make sure my nails were done and to get dressed for a nice picnic at Stone Mountain. Little did I know he had other plans in mind – grabbing picnic snacks and Rosé we headed right past Stone Mountain into what would be the best day of my life.

Image 3 of Melissa and Manuel

Sitting in the car, trying not to guess our new location, I see “Atlanta Botanical Gardens” in the distance and instantly knew that’s where a plant lover like myself would be going. Walking through the lush gardens and waterfalls surrounding the area, we stopped on top of the canopy looking down at the waterfall oasis. Begging for a photo I get ready to pose and with my back turned from him, with Daniel Ceasar playing in the background, and he asked me “Will you marry me?” it was history from there.

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Image 4 of Melissa and Manuel

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Special Thanks

Manuel Philippe
 | Photographer