Melissa and Luke

How We Met

My fiancé and I have known each other ever since we were little kids. He was best friends with my neighbor, who was also a great friend of mine. When I first met him we were probably 7 years old, and he showed me how he knew how to put both his legs behind his head (he can’t do that anymore!). A few years later, we ended up in the same church together where we volunteered all throughout middle school and high school, but we never really spoke. In 8th grade, he tried dating me, but I wasn’t interested at all. We started talking after sitting next to each other at a friend’s birthday party senior year of high school, and suddenly I was VERY interested. He didn’t have Harry Potter glasses and a bowl haircut anymore! He didn’t seem too interested in me right away, but after a couple of months, we were official!

How They Asked

We were dating for about 3.5 years when our good friend, who happened to be a wedding photographer, asked me to model products for her sister’s company. She took me and another friend to a local park, and when I walked inside the trail, I saw my favorite flowers, peonies, and a tall man dressed in a suit. I immediately thought to myself, “oh my God! Someone’s getting engaged!…whoa, that guy looks like Luke a little bi…oh…that IS Luke!”

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Miami, Florida

He had written “Marry Me” out of small cut out pictures of us, and all of our friends popped up from behind the bushes and trees to photograph us and share the moment with us. I’m hard to surprise, but I have never been so surprised in my life! Even more than the proposal, I’m so surprised that the guy I am marrying is the same one I met over 10 years ago with his legs behind his head!

Melissa's Proposal in Miami, Florida

Special Thanks

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