Melissa and Lotous

How We Met

I met Lotous in an elevator at work. I was coming back from my break with a new hire who I was training and on the way up to the eleventh floor. I was annoyed that we had to stop, pick him up, go up a floor, stop again before we could continue towards the eleventh floor. In the brief awkward elevator ride between us three people, he managed to ask “Do any of you ladies play softball?” At the time, I was not in school, did not have any activities going on after work and used to love playing softball on a team back in high school. My mind raced trying to figure out if I should actually answer this random stranger who I was already annoyed with or not but I went with my gut and answered, “I do” and he replied with, “really?!?!” in a very surprised tone that someone answered him. We stopped on the floor he was going to and he allowed the door to open then shut because he said, “I have to get your information, so I’m going to go with you to your floor” and on my floor he went to take my phone number and email so he could provide me all the softball related information.

It is important to mention that Lotous and I were both in relationships with other people at the time so how we met began strictly as a coach and player type of relationship that evolved in to a friendship then in to our relationship.

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how they asked

It’s become an unspoken tradition between Lotous and I to go to Las Vegas every year (starting last year) for the Rock & Roll Marathon Series held in November of every single year. Last year, I ran the 5K alone and this year, I was running the 5K held on Saturday alone then the 10K with Lotous the next day. It was Lotous’ first organized run and I was ecstatic that we were going to be able to run together while each wearing a GoPro. I wore mine on my chest, Lotous wore his on his head (looking like a Minion).

Fast forward to the 10K run and in the last 3 miles, Lotous told me how he really needed to go to the bathroom and I even asked if he could just “hold it” and he said he already had been holding it so he jogged ahead to the Burger King bathroom in the distance. I waited for him and it seemed like an eternity as people passed on by. Already beyond annoyed, he told me that he got locked in the bathroom, we got in a fight (my fault) but I quickly got over it as we approached the finish line.

After the finish line, Lotous said that we needed to text our two friends, Jessica & JR (who are married) to meet us back at our hotel room at the Cosmopolitan because he wanted to charge the GoPro to take pictures on the Las Vegas Strip before heading to dinner at Shake Shack. His reasoning for wanting the pictures was because The Strip is only closed twice a year, the first being for the Rock & Roll Event and the second, being for New Year’s Eve. Luckily, on our trek back towards the room we ran in to our friends who came back to the room to wait with us as we charged the GoPro, changed in to comfy clothes to head to dinner. As we walked out of the hotel, I noticed we were walking the opposite way of where we planned on having dinner and heard Lotous in the distance asking how we could get on the Strip. I found an opening, stood in the middle of the Strip and posed for a picture thinking that it was a simple photo op. As I started to walk away, our friends wanted one more picture but then he knelt down and I was thinking he was tying his shoe then thought to myself, he can’t wait to tie his shoe until AFTER the picture? BUT he grabbed my left hand then proceeded to propose. He told me that I was the most beautiful, intelligent, caring and loving person and in that moment, I felt like the world stopped and could not hear or see anything else but him. I was in shock to say the least, cold, excited and overly happy all at the same time!!!

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