Melissa and Kyele

How We Met

Three years ago I was working at Tropical Smoothie and he came in to get a smoothie, I had seen him before because I was following him on Instagram and Twitter but have no idea how I started following him I just knew I was. Maybe a few days to a week later I decided to get the courage to send him a personal message on Twitter and we just sort of hit it off from there! A week later we were hanging out and the rest is history! We have been together for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t be happier!

how they asked

On Easter Sunday my, now finace, and I were texting. I was at my parents house and he was at his. As it got closer for me to leave my moms and head home he was joking with me about how when I got home he was going to make me the future Mrs. Shanahan and I just played along. I had a promise ring that he gave me back in December, his joke of a plan was to purpose with that ring. So once I got home I had ran upstairs to use the restroom and came back downstairs to him standing there with what looked like my box to my promise ring. He then asked me for my ring and at this point I was like “Oh babe stop joking now, you’re so funny” but he was persistent and said “I’m serious, give me the ring babe!” So I did. I took the ring off and handed it to him, after that he started to get on one knee and in the middle of doing so he threw my promise ring!! I was like “OH MY GOSH what’re you doing? That’s my ring you just threw!” When he was finally on one knee, I kind of realized at this point that maybe he wasn’t joking anymore…. he opened the box and there sat the prettiest ring I’ve ever seen and he asked me to marry him! I immediately started bawling my eyes out and said of course I will to answer his question. I was in total shock and couldn’t believe what was happening had just happened, I cried like a baby for a while after that and everything felt so surreal.

Melissa and Kyele's Engagement in In our home