Melissa and Korhan

Melissa's Proposal in At Korhans house

How We Met

I’ve known Korhan since the 3rd grade.. we only lived two blocks away from each other. The crazy thing is we didn’t talk too much throughout elementary and middle school. We did run into each other a few times here and there and even hung out a couple of times. It wasn’t until we were in different high schools that we ran into each other again. It was junior year in 2011 a friend of mine came to visit me and Korhan had tagged along it was weird when we first saw each other again as corny as it sounds I felt something when I saw him and from that moment on we began a friendship that led to what we are today. 9 years later and I am so happy our paths crossed again. The love of my life was always near me… we just came into each other’s lives at the perfect moment.

How They Asked

On New Year’s Eve, Korhan decided it would be great for our families to bring in the New Year Together. We all got together at his place and it was great having each other’s families and friends spend this time together. Once the ball dropped his cousin and two of my friends brought me downstairs .. (to distract me) while everyone prepared and set everything up outside. Once they got the okay they brought me outside and that is when I saw the love of my life standing there with a bouquet of roses and our family and friends behind him.

As I walked towards him I saw rose petals on the ground and a beautiful sign that said Marry Me and instantly started crying. While he got down on one knee and proposed my mother was on a video call with my entire family in Costa Rica which made it even more special than the people I love got to witness something so amazing. I said YES! & now me and my amazing fiancé cannot wait to get married and spend the rest of our lives together❤️ Something special to add he got the ring all the way from Turkey where his family is from and I think it’s beautiful that he did so much to make me happy 😊