Melissa and Kevin

How We Met

Kevin and I met through mutual friends in high school. We grew up going to the same church and had a connection for one another, but were too shy to tell the other person. Kevin went away to college senior year about 800 miles away from me.

As one could imagine long distance relationships can be difficult, but we have been making it work for 4 years now! We have grown so much as a couple and I cannot wait to spend my life with him!

How They Asked

Kevin proposed at Universal Studios Lowes Portofino Bay Resort. He told me to get dressed because we were meeting his family for dinner at a fancy restaurant. We went for a walk Before dinner, and as we were walking he stopped by the wayside as the sun was setting and told me how much he loved me. Once I knew what was happening I couldn’t help but get overwhelmed with emotions. He had the most beautiful ring made for me and had his brother hiding behind some bushes to take a picture during the proposal. It was a dream! Next thing I heard was cheering from the balcony in the distance as his family was watching the whole thing go down! Kevin is such a romantic and had the whole thing planned out!