Melissa and Kenny

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How We Met

We met one night at Bonfire. All of our friends were meeting up there. I showed up early with my brother and Kenny happened to be there early with his best friends. It was love at first sight! We started talking and hanging out with each other ever since.

how they asked

I suprised Kenny for his 26th Birthday to a trip to Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. I booked the whole trip and made an intenary with all the trip details and gave it to him on his birthday in July. I booked the trip on our anniversary weekend September 1st. The day of our anniversary of Seven years we drove up to Lake Louise in Banff and canoed, had lunch & hiked up to a tea house. Kenny was pretty quiet that day and didn’t say to much. I figured he was just tired from traveling the day before. Later that evening, we had dinner reservations at the Sky Bistro in Banff. The restaurant is on top of the mountain and the only way you can get up there is by a Gondola. As we were approaching the top of the mountain he asked me if I wanted my anniversary present- I said ok! He asked what I thought it was and I thought it was a box of chocolates since he brought his backpack with him. He pulls out a small box with a ring and asked me to marry him!

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