Melissa and Josh

How We Met

We met for our first date back in May of 2014, and it was by far the best first date we’d ever had- and the longest!. It was the first time we had met since matching on tinder and talking for a couple months prior, so we were both nervous/eager to meet each other. We were supposed to just meet at a restaurant downtown for lunch, but ended up hitting it off so well that we spent the entire day together! After lunch we walked around downtown, grabbed a couple drinks, went to a baseball game…10 hours later we shared our first kiss on my doorstep, marking the end to the most amazing first date, and the beginning to our love story.

how they asked

On the morning of Saturday, September 2nd , I was expecting 3 of my close girlfriends to meet at my apartment to share a cab to our favorite brunch spot in town. What I was not expecting, was that our brunch would turn into a 10- hour adventure across Baltimore, the city Josh and I met and fell in love in. As we were about to leave for brunch, I was handed an envelope and was instructed to read it out loud before we left. As my friends filmed, I struggled trying to read aloud the 2-page love letter josh had written me without being a crying mess. I’ll spare you the cheesy details, but at the end of this letter, Josh explained that this was the beginning of a scavenger hunt, and at the end of the hunt, he was going to ask me to marry him. The rules were that we had to take a picture at each clue’s destination, I was not allowed to have my phone, and I was not allowed to ask any questions. After reading this clue, I was handed clue #1, which led me to little Havana’s for brunch!

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After we finish brunch, I am told to wait outside for our ride to our next destination. I see Josh’s car pull up, and my heart picks up, thinking he’s inside and will be accompanying us throughout this whole day. Keep in mind, I did not know how many clues there were in total, so with each new clue I was thinking, “Is he going to be here?” “is this it?”-that feeling of excitement and anticipation went on for TEN HOURS. In the driver’s seat, instead of Josh, was a man named Rodney, who announced he would be our chauffeur for the day. Rodney already knew where he would be taking us all day, but he handed me clue#2 and asked me where we would be going. The next few clues led us to a bunch of different spots around Baltimore where Josh and I have shared fun memories together- The Orioles Stadium, the Aquarium, the lighthouse in the inner harbor, Power Plant- these were all quick stops to get out, take a picture, and be given the next clue.

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The next clue led us to a nail salon, where Josh had a bottle of champagne waiting for us, and manicures already paid for for each of us. As if that wasn’t amazing enough already, his next clue took us to my favorite local winery, Boordy Vineyards. He had a private wine tour and tasting for us, and left a gift card so that we could each take home a bottle! Not only was this a perfect day for me, but my 3 friends also had the time of their lives on this scavenger hunt! On our drive back into the city, there were a few more stops for clues that took us to places like the park where we first ran a race together, and the Washington monument where we go for the Christmas Tree lighting every year- each place brought a smile to my face at the memories we’ve had there.

His next clue led us to an Italian restaurant for a perfectly timed dinner, as we were all starving by that point in the day! He had made reservations for us at the spot he and I go to every year for Valentine’s day, and had another bottle of wine waiting for us at the table! After one of the best meals I’ve ever had, we are then led to my best friend’s house who was with me all day; the same house I lived in when Josh and I first met, and the steps in front where he and I had our first kiss. This clue led me back to the beginning of us, and I realize at this moment that the next clue is going to lead me to him. My heart starts racing like crazy, and my girlfriends bring me inside to freshen up before the last clue. When I say Josh planned out everything perfectly, I mean EVERYTHING. He even had my friend carry a travel toothbrush for me, because he knew I would have red wine teeth after dinner! I knew I wanted to marry him before, but that right there solidified it for me! I brushed my teeth, set out the door and met Rodney outside to take me to my last clue: to my apartment, to the man I’m going to marry. I walk upstairs and find a trail of rose petals and candles leading me to the rooftop deck where he’s standing there, and greets me with a rose.

He leads me to the edge of the deck, overlooking the Baltimore skyline, gets down on one knee, and hands me the very last clue, which read, “Will you marry me?”. It was the most perfect moment- I didn’t even realize after a few moments that my friend was there on the roof photographing the whole thing! After a little while of fawning over how perfect the engagement ring is, taking more pictures, and having even more champagne,Josh suggests that we go out to Max’s Taphouse to celebrate, since it’s one of the places he and I went on our first date. Once we get there, he says to head upstairs since it was crowded downstairs. When I get to the top of the stairs, I am hit with the best surprise I could ask for- my entire family, and all of our friends who live in Baltimore were all in that room. We got to celebrate our engagement that night with our friends and family, completely surrounded in love. It was the most perfect ending to the perfect day, as well as the perfect beginning to the next chapter in our lives.