Melissa and Jonson

Melissa and Jonson's Engagement in Flores Island, Indonesia

How We Met

The first time Jonson and I met was at a mutual friend’s engagement party in 2017. Ironically, he actually doesn’t remember it though he approached me first! A girlfriend and I were waiting at the lobby for a mutual friend to take us to the party. Jonson was standing at the corner waiting too. He just came up, sat on a table in front of us and started chatting with us.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Flores Island, Indonesia

However, nothing really happened until the same mutual friend’s wedding at the end of that year. We added each other on Instagram, eventually started chatting and went out for a friendly lunch meet. A friendly one because Jonson was moving to Bali for his business end of that year, so it wasn’t in our intentions to pursue a relationship at that time. Only months later I found out from a mutual friend that after that friendly lunch, he thought I would make an amazing wife!

Proposal Ideas Flores Island, Indonesia

Something worth mentioning, at our friend’s wedding reception we were both sitting at the same table. I was gushing to her wedding photographer how much I loved his pictures and I am booking him there and then for my wedding on the 20th of June 2020. Mind you, I was single, not dating anyone but somehow thought by the year 2020 it would be a nice age to get married. Jonson overheard and asked me why so specifically that date to which I responded that I just liked that date. Well, guess when is our wedding date this year?!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Flores Island, Indonesia

How They Asked

Jonson and I have been doing long distance since the start of our relationship. He lives in Bali while I live in Malaysia. We have been talking about getting married for a large part in 2019 but the plan was for him to ask my parents for their blessings during the new year celebration in 2020 so I was not expecting anything before that. It was my turn to travel over to Bali to spend Christmas together. He planned a boat trip to Flores Island, Indonesia where we stayed and sailed on the boat for 3 days with a group of friends.

The first day on the boat, we were sailing towards an island to watch the sunset. Jonson and I were sitting right at the front edge of the boat; legs dangling, ocean breeze in our faces and just chatting about life. Midway, he asked me a question, “Babe, what sound does the wolf make?” To which I responded by howling like a wolf and he joined me. Little did I know, it was one of the signals he planned with his friends to stand by with the ring and camera. So yes, he made me signal for my own proposal by howling like a wolf! As we were both facing the ocean, his friend slipped the ring into his hand from behind very discreetly.

Jonson then asked me “I have a question, what is the top thing on your bucket list?”. I went on a long ramble about traveling with him. Then he said, “I have another question for you, will you marry me?”. I was so surprised, I asked him “Are you really proposing to me??” THREE TIMES. By the third time, he replied: “Babe, you know you are supposed to answer yes or no right?” Of course, I said YES! He could not have picked a better moment to propose, the sun was setting so beautifully as birds flew out into the sky. As he predicted, my next question to him was “Did you ask my parents??” It is very important to us that we get both parents’ blessings out of respect. He did! He flew back to Malaysia for one night without me knowing, met up with my family and got their blessings.

That’s not it! At Christmas, he gave me a little book as my present. I opened it and it was a journal of his thought process and plans for the proposal! From the day he decided he wanted to propose, planning it with my friends and family as well as pictures he took with my family when he asked them for their blessings. It’s no surprise that reading it got me bawling! So if you guessed correctly, yes, our wedding is on the 20th of June 2020 😊

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