Melissa and Jonathan

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How We Met

December 17, 2014 is the day Jonathan and I met. We were both freshly out of unhealthy relationship and we honestly were not looking to date someone new or even meet someone new. We were set up by a mutual friend of ours who claimed we would be a perfect match. We both thought different, but decided to entertain our friend and meet. That night turned out to be the beginning of something new. It was as if we had known each-other for years. The way we were able to talk and relate to each-other was something I had never experienced before. He had a witty sassy side I was able to combat with, which would turn into laughter. From that day forward I knew he was something different.

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how they asked

. 2 and a half years later look at us now!. Little did I know the last 6 months he had been planning this, from running back and forth to the jewelers to make sure my ring was ready to go, to panicking when we had to go through Mexico customs in fear they would search his bag and the whole proposal plan would be blown if I saw the box. Lucky for him we made it our hotel without a single hiccup. As we were meeting with our representative from the hotel, Jon snuck off to set up a “photography shoot” later the next day.

As I walked over he had told me he got roped into some silly photo thing and since he knows I love photos he thought it would be fun. I didn’t think anything of it. So as the next day came we got ready for our beach photo-shoot! When we got down to the beach the photographer told us to begin walking towards the sunset, Jon kept looking behind him acting nervous. As I told him to keep walking the photographer relayed he had to fix his lenses; later on, I found out that was the code word. As that was said, Jon stopped and pulled me into him.

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He began telling me how much I meant to him and before I could say anything, he was down on one knee asking for me to marry him! I was in pure shock, the man of my dreams was asking me to be his future wife on the white beaches of Cancun with a beautiful sunset behind us! Never did I think this is where we would be some years later. So glad I decided to go meet him that one December night, wouldn’t trade us for the world. He is my better half❤️

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