Melissa and Jonathan

how we met

I coincidentally met Jonny at a mutual friend’s wedding 3 years ago. We briefly talked, but according to him “I blew him off to go dancing.” Fast forward one year after that initial conversation, we crossed paths again. My best friend reconnected with him (her childhood friend) after her and I had moved into a new place nearby where he lived. In efforts to make local friends, she invited Jonny over to our new place for dinner. I remember thinking- “I like this guy, he brought pie!” We started off as friends, attending regular trivia nights at Sanctum Brewing, but it wasn’t long before we knew this was the real thing.

how they asked

It was perfect. We got the keys to our new condo on a Thursday, hopped on a plane on Friday and he proposed on Sunday. I was completely surprised. It was peak foliage season in New Hampshire, and Jonny had planned a low key weekend for us to admire it. On that Sunday he casually suggested visiting a scenic road in the White Mountains. It was a sunny day in the middle of 10 rainy ones, so EVERYONE was on that scenic road. Jonny started driving in the opposite direction, where it was completely still and the crowds were left behind.

He found a beautiful lake nestled in between reds, oranges, and bright yellows! He spotted the perfect large rock and guided me to rest. To be. To sit in the moment. It was us, and a small red row boat in the distance. Jonny then took a tripod out and asked if we could take a picture against the beautiful landscape. As I turned to smile at the camera Jonny began to express all the beautiful things (I wish I remembered) but I don’t, because I feel like I blacked out haha. All I remember was A LOT of happy tears, and one big YES!!! Thankfully, that tripod wasn’t set on timer, but on record.

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Big Bear Lake
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